From: bernie chris <>
Date: Sun, Aug 14, 2016 at 7:06 PM
Subject: Re: From Mr Bernie Chris (Reply To Your Email Of US$35M Deal)

From: Mr Bernie Chris
Director of Audit and Project Implementation
Department of Minerals and Energy.
Tel:+27 78 757 2279.


In furtherance to our email conversation indicating your positive response towards assisting me in this our mutual beneficial transaction I hereby conveys the approval to open discussion with you base on this deal.

For purpose of clarity as a member of the Contract Review and award Committee (C.R.A.C) here in the Department of minerals and energy where I work as the Director of Audit and project implementation. I am vested with the authority to appraise and approve contracts according to the priority of the government of South Africa, and by virtue of my position, I have been able over a period of time through careful review of contracts awarded secured for myself this over invoice amount of US$35,000.000.00. Which was originally awarded to a foreign company? The contract had since been commissioned, the contractual sum and all entitlements has since been paid to the original contractor. The US$35,000.000.00 the balance, which I intend to transfer to the nominated account you will provide to me.

There are however some procedures for the successful conclusion of this project. With the information's you will provide, I will register your name or your company's name as a foreign contractor with my Ministry, and i will also incorporate your name or company with the corporate affairs commission of South Africa.

After i have been able to do this successfully, i shall also proceed to the Ministry of Justice for the transfer of rights and privilege. The contractual documents will be back dated to suit the purpose of this transaction.And the Ministry of Finance will then approve the amount US$35,000.000.00 or payment to the beneficiary, and you will be contacted by South Africa Bank, through the Contract Review and Payment Committee, an arm set up by the Bank of South Africa to make payments to foreign contractors, From this stage onward all correspondence will be channeled to you, you will now advice them on how this funds will be transferred to your nominated account, and as soon as you confirm to me that these funds have been successfully transferred to your account, I shall take the next available flight to meet with you in your country for the final disbursement, and you will advice me on a viable business opportunities in your country ,because i don't intend bringing this funds back to south Africa, although Real Estate Business is what i do cherish and i will be very grateful, if the fund will be invested on the lucrative business.

If you follow my instructions religiously, I will conclude this transaction within the next ten to twelve (10-12) working days. All machinery has been put in place for the successful conclusion of this project.

As soon as i received signed Mutual Agreement sent to you via Email Attachment, I will immediately commence the documentation process, please call me on my direct number (+27 78 757 2279.

Secondly, I want you to read the attached agreement letter carefully sign it and resend it to me via Email Attachment with your personal identity in order for me to proceed on the process of the transfer and i will be updating you on every step i takes on the process before the final transfer into your bank account.

Lastly, Also complete attached Contract Review and Payment Implementation Committee Form and send it back to me along with the Mutual Agreement via email Attachment.

On the filling of the Contract Review and Payment Implementation Committee Form, Use below information's

Question No 7:.Value Of Payment: US$35,000.000.00
Question No 8: Purpose Of Payment: Contract awarded by Department of Mineral and Energy.
Question No 9: Contract Number: SAME\DMH/2035/0972/09
Question No 10: Department/Ministry: Department of Mineral and Energy/Ministry of Energy
Question No 12: In Contract Review and Payment Implementation Committee Form question No:12, Answer: Yes

Note: Always reply me on this email for secret and confidential

Thank you very much once again and I hope to meet with you soon in your country on completion of this transaction.

Keep this transaction secret and confidential.

I wait in anticipation for your urgent response.
God Bless you.
Mr Bernie Chris
Private Tel Line: +27 78 757 2279