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    Obama ISIS founder most bombastic political headlines ever: O predicted only by one let a

    Illuminati Politics: Most bombastic headlines ever in its History: Trump: Obama is ISIS founder:
    O ISIS, let alone the coming OO: ALL predicted only by Last Prophet[
    1. Illuminati Politics: Most bombastic headlines ever in its History
    2. How illuminati prevented human cattle to get the Hiroshima of Illuminati Politcs
    3. Obama headlines: coming Stations of the Cross of the Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolatiom, from the satanic anti-bible

    Introduction - What's OO?
    After reading it you'll realize that
    - it's not what is meant with "Two characters, both the same, is all it takes,..."
    - paradoxically OO doesn't stand for a numerical character, or in other words the ZERO expected from, the Laws of End TImes Reductionism.

    ## Chapter 1 ##
    Illuminati Politics: Most bombastic headlines ever in its History

    Trump accuses Obama of being the 'founder of ISIS'. . it was predicted only by Last Prophet.
    All coming politcs headlines pale in comparison with this. To get why, all you need is to replace the three different characters with their official description:
    - "2016 republian nominee, two weeks earlier still leading polls, accuses US president of being the founder of ISIS, the most brutal and sophisticated organization in the History of Terrorism".
    Served as:
    "In many respects, you know, they honor President Obama," Trump said during a campaign rally outside Fort Lauderdale, Florida. "He is the founder of ISIS."
    He repeated the allegation three more times for emphasis.
    Trump also pointedly referred to the president by his full legal name: Barack Hussein Obama.
    Reminder: no global TV channels has EVER referred to the 2009-2016 president by his full legal name during normal "news".

    The coming second version: from O to OO
    Going from O to OO is the same as going from Hiroshima to Nagasaki.
    OO will consist of minor extensions:
    - from Obama to Osama;
    - from founder to leaders;
    - from repiblican nominee Trump to president Hillay, as the stripped Obama Bi-nla-den's presidecy is supposedly behind bars.

    OO ISIS Prophecy by Last Prophet - from Obama, Trump to Putin, Pope
    "Obama and Osama, the real ISIS leaders: coming headlines" - page timestamped as of Apr 2016.
    First post explains one of Obama's basic facts, his role as illuminati suicide bomber, exposed by Last Prophet 2007, as soon as the "black senator" became a presidential candidate.
    It also explains how the same role is played by fake "billionaire Trump", the impostor impersonating murdered Putin and the actor (Hollyood's Jonahtn Pryce) playing pope Francis.
    The prophecy's core, the Obama part, is fulfilled, Aug 11, 2016.

    ## Chapter 2 ##
    How illuminati prevented human cattle to get the Hiroshima of Illuminati Politcs

    Trump accuses Obama of being the 'founder of ISIS'. - Why didn't you get it?
    You discarded as "just another Trump crazy" the most bombastc headlines ever in the Poltics part of the world as you know it. Why?
    The answer; two tricks (psy-op techniques), each one based on a different type of the characters that make the headlines.

    Both tricks commanded by the final Laws
    The tricks are applied to reduce the impact of the message.
    Each trick illustrates End Times Reductionism in a different manner:
    1. reduction by omission (in the article's body)
    2, reduction of what MUST be added (in the headlines): two characters, both the same, is all it takes.

    The two tricks
    1. Omiting text
    Based on the first type of characters and there's three of them, all different: Trump, Obama, ISIS:
    It consists of NEVER repeating the headlines in text while replacing these three chaacters with their description in the world as you know it.

    2. Padding headlines
    Extra characters added, Based on the second type of characters. There's two of them and they are one and the same.

    ## Chapter 3 ##
    Obama headlines: Some more of what is coming.

    Some of the coming Stations of the Cross of the Obamessiah ...
    of the Obamanation of Desolatiom, from the satanic anti-bible, all predicted ONLY by Last Prophet
    In chronological order:
    - president Obama arrested on live TV one day after Osama resurrects in Jerusalem, curcified to the missing Boeing 777
    - Obama stripped of his 44th presidential title
    - footage: White House hidden camera: Obama physically attacking Hilary, causing the black eye that she was forced to hid under glasses during the Beghanzi hearings 2013"
    - Obama and Osama were the founders and leaders of ISIS: revealed by 44th president Hillary Clinton
    (note: eventually by her first cousin once remved Howard Ronald Stewart Hitler alias Tim Kaine).
    - Obama confesses to Opran Winfrey the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in the History of Politics.
    (note: it includes "petty crimes" such as "I strangled with my own hands my own grandmother in her bed in Hawaii)
    - SCOTUS sentences Obama to death by hanging

    Trump accuses Obama of being the 'founder of ISIS'

    Apr 2016 - the OO ISIS prophecy

    Last Prophet explained not only the coming OO ISIS simulated reality but also 100% about both ISIS simulatiion and ISIS reality:
    Jul 2014: Islamic State ISIS - the SIX basic facts for dummies

    Illuminati's anti-bible: - search for Kaine here:
    Transvestite Michelle Obama, Homosexual Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation in the illuminati anti-Bible:
    The same indonesian actor plays both "Obama" and "Osama".
    As for WHY the illuminati casted an indonesian homosexual as first black president and a transvestite as first lady:
    Abomination of Desolation was the starting point to create the name Obama.
    Osama comes from Obama, and Obama comes from Abomination.
    This fulfills the illuminati anti-Bible, from Leviticus 18:22 to Deuteronomy 22:5.

    "Osama resurrects in Jerusalem" - why missing Boeing 777 script postponed, modified
    Show to end all shows: Introduction: First act was scripted for one year before the last!!
    Explanation reads like a chronicle of how illuminati overtime was extended after the original end date, Easter Sunday 2012.
    Published days after Easter Sunday 2015
    After 1,000 articles in 100 blogs, this was the first and so far only one to include an exclamation mark.
    Explanation for Easter Sunday 2016 added together with the second one.

    To get why Kaine is yet another chapter of the illuminati anti-bible, start here:
    July 2016 - Tim Kaine's real name same as Hillary Clinton's real maiden name: HITLER.
    The 2016 Hitler-Hitler ticket to terminate the USA.
    Kaine alias Stewart Hitler is currently positioned to play Himmler, in a Clinton/Kaine parallel script to Hitler/Himmler, as official organizer of the coming "killed on the spot" chapter of the BIG BANG genocide..
    But Kaine may replace Cliinton for a more perfect role as "real BIG BANG Truman":
    1945 Ritter von Greim alias NO rue man Truman (KEIN wahrer Mann), setps on stage as the invisble vice to months later "unexpectedly" become the 33th (Kaine 45th) president.
    Reminder: in any case Hitlery Clinton will be proclaimed the real 44th president, successor of GW Bush, after "Obama arrested" and stripped.

    None of Last Prophet's prophecies was so far proven false.
    Fulfillment of Last Prophet's prophecies is a process that in some cases unfold from years to almost two deccades, ever since Last Prophet appeared in internet forums.
    Just follow the links in BASICS section of previous link.

    All in Blog
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    Re: Obama ISIS founder most bombastic political headlines ever: O predicted only by one l

    I seriously think Obama is a sleeper cell for the Arabs:

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    Most famous rebel leaders: dead vs half dead categories: Lenin v Sean Connery and Obama

    Most famous rebel leaders: dead vs half dead categories: Lenin v Sean Connery and Obama

    in the scope of this article the word rebel includes both the real and fake subtypes.
    After reading it, you'll know
    - why Sean Connery and Obama also hold a title in the rebel leaders table.
    - all three rebel leaders were placed in the table by one and the same entity, the director of the real Truman show, the Illuminati Grand Master.
    - why Obama's appearance in this table pales in comparison with his collection of titles in the US presidential tables, the most impressive that anyone holds in any table.
    - how Obama's titles in the two tables change during the BIG BANG, the explosion terminating the real Truman show, during which Obama is arrested, stripped, sentenced to death by hanging and "executed".

    Introductiom to the apparently mysterious half dead category
    Ayatollah Khomeini alias Sean Connery got the title in 1989 the day that he "died".
    He was succeeded by Osama alias Obama in May 2011, the day that Bin Laden "died".
    Osama is the current title holder and he's scripted also as the very last one.
    Paradoxically only after also becoming the first ever to lose his title because of the extra reason to enquote the died word in 2011 when compared to 1989.
    As implied by "also as the very last one" it appears as if Obama will also become the first ever to regain the title.
    Yet this would be the case only if Sean Connery would die before Obama would temporarily lose his title.
    Confused? After reading the article, which is in fact shorter as its introduction, you'll know what does this all mean.

    Dead category:
    In 1917 the ethnic german illuminazi agent casted as "communist Lenin" left exile in Switzerland to return to Russia.
    Months later he became the "founding father of the Soviet Union, the first and largest communist state ever".
    Lenin holds the title.ever since the day he died.
    Contrast it wth the ...

    Half dead category
    "Rebel leader Ayatollah Khomeini", played by Sean Connery, left Paris to Tehran in 1979 to immediately be proclaimed the founding father of the first Islamic Republic.
    His reign as the penultimate title holder lasted 22 years..
    4 years later the current title holder, the ethnic indonesian actor casted as both Obama and Osama, had his debut in the headlines: "Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace",
    It would take more than a decade before he made his debut in late night talk shows as "black senator Obama."
    Sean Connery would lose his title to Obama in May 2011, the day that Osama temporarily joined Ayatollah Khomeini in the illuminati paradise for dead roles
    Obama's reign
    As of Apr 2015, 4 years and counting: it can't be compared to any previous title holders of any categories (in other words: also the alive category, that is otherwise not interesting in the scope of this article).
    Obama's time as title holder is fourth dimensional, already part of a new timescale: the final leg of illuminati overtime.
    In this timescale each year started on Easter Sunday and it was each time supposed to be the very last one.

    Dec 1993 - Obama's very first photo in the media in article "Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace"
    Photo (enlarge it)

    Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolaton will now detonate as "arab backed imposter", the ultimate anagram for his role as "president Barack Obama".
    Paradox in the US presidential titles table: Obama's already by far unique collection doesn't implode but rather explodes while he will be stripped of the 44th title.

    For Connery as Khomeini, start here
    Illuminati's Islamic state series: from Tehran, Iran 1979 to Raqqa, Syria, 2013

    All in Blog

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