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    Hillary Clinton is a Manchurian Candidate

    You all have seen the movie, heard about it here and there, but Hillary Clinton's seizures and head pain is from the Manchurian Chip they installed. They initially did it when she allegedly hurt her head. But that was actually "Big Business" "Wallstreet" and other dark billionaires that control the world through the Illuminati. She is the Manchurian Candidate and she agreed to the chip for the hundreds of millions of dollars in donations. Money means nothing to the Hedgefund group, they want control and power. Hillary Clinton is a mere puppet for them. She sold her soul to the devil. It seems there's been some massive side effects. Her 30 minute "shitter break" in the middle of a rally. The Secret Service helping her upstairs and holding her up like Mic Mars from Motley Crue (his spine is welded together).

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    Re: Hillary Clinton is a Manchurian Candidate

    And what about Donald Trump? What chip installed in his head?

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    Re: Hillary Clinton is a Manchurian Candidate

    Donald Trump should should a video of Sadeeq Mateen sitting in the front row of her rally.

    I mean would love to declare a love for Al Quaida and then get front row seats to a Hillary Clinton rally.

    Oh yeah I forgot she didnt know. Oops. LOL

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    Re: Hillary Clinton is a Manchurian Candidate

    I will vote for Hillary Clinton for President.

    Donald Trump, is a bluff, and just buying votes using lies and marketing

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