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    Main Clinic Supply Ripped Me Off On Oxygen Machine!

    I bought one of these high priced Oxygen machines with the understanding from the salesman Leo Castro that I do not use it a lot and was concerned about replacing the oxygen columns if the became full past the regular 1 year.

    Leo Castro told me not to worry about that that they would replace the first set no matter how long it was. Well 8-6-2016 the machine needs new ones so I contacted them (Main Clinic Supply).

    The man who answered my email was Mark Luther.

    He basically said that they will not replace them or honor there deal that Leo Castro made as the machine is over 1 year old. Guess they lied to me and probally a lot of others to sell one of these very expensive machines.

    Im sure Leo Castro was a made up name or a employee that no longer works for them.

    You would still think that a company would honor what there employee promised.

    I would like to warn everyone who need a oxygen machine to be sure and stay clear of Main Clinic Suppy as they will do anything to make a sale. I count on my oxygen machine now more than ever and would really like to do business with a company I could count on.

    Be careful as they will say anything to make the sell!

    This company is based out of 4865 NW 19th Street, Bldg #100 Rochester,Minnesota 55901 and they have a place in FL as well.

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    Re: Main Clinic Supply Ripped Me Off On Oxygen Machine!

    Well here is a pleasant update. I decided to go on chat and see if Main Clinc Supply was willing to do as I was told when I bought my oxygen machine.
    I connected on chat to a very nice lady by the name of Courtney Fox. She was very kind and caring and said she wanted to help me fix my problem. She also took the time to listen to my past phone call with Leo and said she could see how I may have misunderstood what was said.
    She then took the time to explain the warranty and how long the columns were suppose to last.
    Courtney then took the time to make this right which I still think I was right but either way I was very happy with the outcome.
    More company’s need people like her in management that truly care about their customers.
    With the problem solved I would now recommend Main Clinic Supply 100% for all your Oxygen Machines and Supplies.

    Be sure when you call to ask for her as she will get your product out as well as answer any and all your questions.

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