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    offer to buy a kidney

    This has to be a scam

    On 8/7/2016 at 5:05 PM, "Dr. Nigel Basheer" < [email protected]> wrote:
    Thanks for your mail Mr John, We got your mail and the details of your personal information was well understood and noted. This is to certify that Dr. Nigel Basheer the representative doctor of St. Mary's Hospital here by gives the patient the full confidence and trust on us because we are here to make sure that your satisfaction is our priority. The Patient is to be rest assured and guaranteed that he/she has nothing to be scared of during this transaction because all necessary documentations are in order,in accordance with the transplant policy of act 21 of the Decree 2005 Constitution. You are to study the below terms and conditions properly before we can further ahead okay.

    1: The patient is to ensure that he/she is qualified to sell his/her Kidney to avoid any form of acquisition during the operation.
    2: The patient must be above the age of 18 years and any age below would be disallowed from the offer.
    3: The patient must be a legal citizen of his/her country.
    4: The patient is to ensure that he/she does not have any form of business habit on smoking Hard drugs (cocaine, marijuana etc) .

    5: The patient must keep to our terms and conditions to ensure that the transaction is done swiftly.
    6: All travel cost will be paid and made by us.
    7: failure to complete the transaction will lead to the court of law.
    8: To all patients: The patient must be duly register with the NKF (National
    Kidney Federation) before any further commitment to the operation can begin.
    9: The patient will ensure that he/she has a next of kin.
    10. The hospital management are willing to buy the kidney with the sum total of
    500,000 pounds which half of the money will be transferred to the bank account which he will be providing for this deal after the registration by the NKF.
    11: Transfer of patient money to his/her bank: Half of the money will be paid first to the patient before the operation on him/her will commence after which the balance will be paid after the completion of the operation.
    12: The patient will have to register with the national kidney federation with the sum of 200 pounds before the travel document will be sent to the patient also half of the money will be transferred to the patient bank account.

    NOTE: You have to send us a scanned copy of your legal identity card so that we may know and identify who we are dealing with and you are required get back to us immediately if you are in agreement with it. Considering the above conditions if they are acceptable to you, you have to give us a fast response so that we can assign the account department to begin the preparation on your half payment.

    Thanks for your sincerity.

    Awaiting your response.

    On 8/7/2016 at 7:13 AM, "Dr. Nigel Basheer" < [email protected]> wrote:

    Thanks for your mail, You are welcome to St. Mary's Hospital, Here you will get the maximum satisfaction you need and your satisfaction is our priority. I also want to use this opportunity to introduce myself, My name is DR. NIGEL BASHEER, I am one of the representative Doctor of the above specialist hospital, here we are specialized in kidney transplantation and treatment of all manner of sickness and diseases. I want you to know that you are in the right place where you can sell your kidney okay. We give you our uppermost assurance that you will not be avoided by taking a bold step to your offer to save this poor man. But firstly before we can proceed further you have to provide your personal information and you are to make sure that the personal details is filled appropriate and correctly.

    full names:
    Date of Birth:
    Telephone Number:
    Profession/ Occupation:
    Monthly Income:
    Reason for selling:
    Blood Group:
    Email Address:
    Next of Kin:

    We hope to hear from you as soon as you received this mail.

    Best Regards

    NOTE: We are currently offering 500,000 pounds which is equivalent to 700,000 USD and the surgery will hold in your preferred destination.

    Do you want to sell your kidney to save a life?
    Are you seeking for an opportunity to sell your kidney at a good price?
    Here is an opportunity for you to sell for 500,000 pounds.
    Interested sellers should contact DR. NIGEL BASHEER, a Nephrologist and consultant surgeon at ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL. For more information contact us via Email: [email protected]

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    Re: offer to buy a kidney

    I think it illegal to sell or buy body parts. The rich always go to India or Pakistan and they have it all set up there through these surrogate companies

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