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    RealSmart Inc (Ben Van Gaasbeek) is a liar, blackmailer and thief!

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and have a real scumbag to report.

    Ben Van Gaasbeek (owner of RealSmart Investments) is apparently a charismatic guy, he conned a small business that can't afford to give work away for free into doing a large amount of work and then refused to pay the whole bill on a technicality. He has an outstanding bill with the company that he contracted to do repair work on one of his rental properties and because there was a "loophole" in the agreement made with the small business (that was kind enough to come out and make an effort to work with him to fix a mess made by other contractors) he stiffed them on the total price. Not exactly the kind of man that I would want to do business with, but if you are looking for someone that is cutthroat and all about the almighty buck then this is your guy.

    But wait, it gets better! Apparently Ben is also in the habit of blackmailing people when he doesn't get his way.

    He sent an email to the owner of the company advising that they "need to decide what price you're willing to pay to collect" and then posted a dishonest review of the company on Angie's List with an "F" rating along with several lies about his experience when the company continued with collection efforts.The company he is blackmailing has documentation to prove this and I hope they file criminal charges against the scumbag on top of suing him for the balance owed.

    (I'm not the owner, but I got stiffed out of money because this guy is a deadbeat and this is written based on my personal experience with him.)

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    Re: RealSmart Inc (Ben Van Gaasbeek) is a liar, blackmailer and thief!

    still trying to figure out how to do this so apologies in advance if I get it wrong... I am trying to find a way to post the screen shot of the email proving this scumbag is lying, blackmailing the company and leaving bogus reviews.Name:  Van Gaasbeek.jpg
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