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    China's CCTV News airs news of America's election fraud -Most Chinese are shocked, many even sad.

    Yesterday CCTV News aired a 1 hour news story about the DNC and Bernie Sanders sabotage story with great detail about the roles of Wikileaks and Anonymous. It reflected Hillary Clinton and Wasserman as the masterminds behind the fraud and explained how the primaries were rigged in California. Surprisingly, they kept it factual. Today I saw reports that 78% of the Chinese population now knows about the election fraud in America compared to only 7% of Americans.
    A lot of Chinese young people who were excited about studying in America were actually sad about the news as they had always thought America had a real democracy in place. There will be a mock election in September in China to see who they would vote for as president, but most say they don't like Trump but do not trust Hillary Clinton. http://www.cctv-america.com/2016/07/...protest-at-dnc The bulk of the Chinese interviewed were shocked that American had an election fraud problem, yet they agreed that George W. Bush had somehow cheated his way into the White House.

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    Re: China's CCTV News airs news of America's election fraud -Most Chinese are shocked, many even sad.

    this total B S!! if anybody actually carried this story they are gullible idiots or public manipulators for anti american sentiment!!
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