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    Credit Cards and Cable/Satelite

    Call your credit card company and tell them you are leaving them for another company. They will lower your interest rate almost every time if you have been a good customer or have a high balance.

    Call your cable or satelite provider and tell them you are leaving and they will offer you a better rate almost for sure. You can knock of 10-20$ a month by doing so.

    Call your newspaper and tell them to cancel or lower your subscription to weekends. They will give you the same rate of weekends only to stay all week. They are desperate to have circulation numbers. Their ad rates depend on it and false circulation rates are being cracked down upon. In most cities you can get home delivery of the newspaper on a weekly basis for the cost of one or two papers at the store.

    You can do this with almost all utility companies and they will lower your rate.

    Tell the phone company you want to change companies and they will offer you all the add on services for free, since it does not cost them anything to give them to them.

    If you practiced this procedure with your cable tv, phone, newspaper and electricity you can save around 1000$ a year.

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    Re: Credit Cards and Cable/Satelite

    This stuff usually works. Always, always, always make sure you actually have a competitor to go to. Sometimes they will call your bluff.

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