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Thank you so much for your prompt response to my mail and I am in receipt of your mail with great pleasure. I do hope you would be sincere enough to work with us in this project on our agreeable terms, instructions, and with our guidance; thus I believe we shall achieve success in this project. I believe you are a honest person, and hope you will continue to show such honest character to us till the final conclusion of this our mutual transaction.

However, I am working with the Development Bank of Singapore as an Auditor;and as mentioned in my proposal to you that there was a foreigner who died here in Singapore, leaving behind an estate/capital (US$45M with interest) here in Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) where I work, till date, but nobody has come forward or put application for the claim.

In pursuant of the above plan, we choose you in this transaction specially because you bear the same last NAME with the Late Investor. Please note that nobody knows that we are doing this with you. So, in unveiling details of the project, the name of the Late investor is Mr. Robert Allen Hughes, an American Citizen who was based here in Singapore until his death. He died in the collapse Hotel New World in 1986 in March 15th 1986, here in Singapore. He had no family or relations with him at the time, that is why these funds has remained unclaimed over the years. From my point of view you are the most suitable person for this project. This would especially be possible because during our painstaking research to get the next-of-kin, we find out in your information that you bear the same last name ( Hughes ) with the Late Investor, which would otherwise give us the edge to present you as the inherent of the late investor's deposit.

I can confirm with certainty that the said Investor died intestate and no next-of-kin to his estate and no body came forward all these years. I am of the settled conviction that using my insider leverage and working with you, we can secure the funds in the account for ourselves instead of allowing it pass as unclaimed funds and I got contact information through my personal endeavors. My good friend, since I am working with the Development Bank of Singapore my colleague and I has made all the arrangement on our side on how the funds will be release to you as the Next-of-Kin to the Investor; all we need from you at the moment is your co-operation. However, upon the successful release of the funds to you as the Next-of-Kin; I will invest my share of this deal on Real Estate and Tourist Centre in your country.

In this regard, we shall procure and process in your name all the relevant documents (Legal and Banking) that will necessitate us putting you forward as the heir and benefactor of the funds and Estate of Late Mr. Robert Allen Hughes, and ultimately transfer the money to any account nominated by you via wire transfer. I want you to be rest assured that this transaction is 100% legal and risk free as you would be positioned as the heir and benefactor to the Estate of Late Mr. Robert Allen Hughes. And everything you would need to know about the Late Mr. Robert Allen Hughes shall be furnished you by your Singapore based legal practitioner of your choice as we progress on this transaction because you are supposed to be dealing with your Singapore based lawyer alone. However, I am forwarding you some of the Late Investor's personal information.

Below are some of the details of Late Mr. Robert Allen Hughes as we have, and as stated in our records at the Bank (Development bank of Singapore) after due investigation had been done to verify his Next-of-Kin.

Late Mr. Robert Allen Hughes's Details:
Full names: Mr. Robert Allen Hughes
Mr. Robert Allen Hughes Died on the 15th, March 1986
He was born on the 1st October 1935
He was an American Citizen
No wife, No children, Had an Hong Kong girl friend called Ms. Ku Yah Hum who was deceased on the 31/07/1987.
Amount Deposited: US$45,000,000.00

At the moment, the funds are being held at the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS). Regarding your share, as we have now resolved, you will have 25% of the total amount for your seriousness, maturity and time which are very essential for this project and 2% for all expenses that will be incurred in the course of this transaction. If anybody need any assurances, it is my colleague and I because all the funds will be paid to you and we will be relying on you to be honest to your word and pay us our 73%.

I will be sending you a mail shortly stating your role and our role in this project and please always contact me through this email because it is private to me.

Best regards,
Mr. Sim Lim.

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I write to contact you about a foreigner bearing the same last name as yours, who died here in Singapore, over a decades ago leaving behind an estate/capital and huge amount here in Development Bank of Singapore. Upon hearing from you, I will unfold more details and how to commence in the transaction.

Mr. Sim S Lim