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    Retail Dickering

    Most people will not dicker or bargain with sales people at retail stores. Try it. It works most of the time, in particular if you ask for a manager. I even use it at Neiman marcus. You pick out 4 shirts and tell them to throw in two more or you will not buy the four and they will do it. Give it a try. It works a ton of the time. Do not attempt in front of wife though, they get embarrassed but do not mind when you get 300$ of merchandise for 200$. You can also take recently bought merchandise back during a sale and ask them to refund the difference. Banana Republic, Old navy and many others will refund you this money or give you store credit. So you can have choice of all their selection just prior to sales and then go in later and ask for sales price, they will give it to you. If they don't just hand the items and rebuy them.

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    Re: Retail Dickering

    While I have no doubt this works, this is the reason retail stores keep raising their prices. I can already hear your rebuttal “They do it to us” well this is why. I can see if the product packaging is damaged, but asking for a few extra shirts, come on that’s just cheap. It’s a retail store not a flea market.

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