On July 12th 2016 we started a contract with SPN Search. We were told by David Roche at SPN Search that they could place our companies web page at the top of the search results where anyone with NetGuard installed on their computer and using Yahoo or Bing or Google or any other search engine for searching assigned key words would result in our companies web page being placed in a banner like display at the top of the search results. David Roche claimed he would "Expedite" our set up and set the expectation that we would have results prior to the 7 to 10 days. At the 7 day mark we inquired as to the status of our requests which resulted in a reply from David Roche that we are in the 7 to 10 day period. On the 11th day we still had not received proof of service. David Roche deferred me to support staff. The reply from support staff claimed they had sent an email with instructions, screenshots and information for use. The email they claim was sent was never received. Support claimed that the email was sent prior to the 10 day time frame yet they could not reproduce any email supposedly sent but instead sent an email dated well after. The email contained no screenshots or instructions. IT merely stated they had sent an email and a reply to confirm the email we have in their file. The multiple emails back and forth was ample proof that they had the proper email. Upon further discussion with support staff it has been clearly obvious they have no intention nor ability to produce proof of set up. A contrived screenshot of our webpage with some search results is all that they have been able to produce. No training, no proof of traffic or search algorithms as originally sold has yet to be produced. This company has no ability to perform as they claim.