He may pay with a counterfeit check. The check may be more then the amount the job is for,then he may demand you send the difference to someone in,say,North Carolina by money gram or western union and tell you to email him the reference number. Even though you sent it to someone in say,North Carolina,he can pick up the transfer even if he is in Africa. He doesn't need ID. Only use direct bank transfer to send money to strangers.

On 7/22/2016 at 8:02 AM, "Kevin Delcampo" < [email protected]> wrote:

Kindly Permit me to further explain my needs, so you can determine if you are willing and/or able to fulfill them.

First of all, this will begin as a Part-time position.It pays $400 per week for an approximately 12 hour work week. If this situation works out to both of our satisfaction, we will discuss making it a full-time arrangement with a pay increase.

The Job Requirements are as follows:

-Excellent Communication Skills
-Handling Personal Correspondence
-The Mailing and Receiving of Packages

As your employer, I am on near constant travel. I acquire small business in financial distress, renovate and re-sell them for my Clients. I am also working on the opening of an Art Gallery. You are required to meet up with the artist I am buying arts from pay him/her for the arts, get art from him/her and take the arts to the warehouse where they will be kept for safe keeping. You must understand that this require some heavy lifting. As I am almost never physically present, we will be mainly communicating via emails, telephones, etc. It is essential, therefore, to have someone I can trust. Absolutely must be someone efficient with a friendly and professional demeanor who possesses the ability to multi-task.

As I am not present to conduct an in-person, formal interview, I ask that you please answer the following questions:

Are you at least 18 years of age?
Have you worked as a warehouse officer before?
If so, in what capacity and can you detail your duties?
Was it for a company or an individual?
Do you have any disability that would prevent you from running physical errands?
Do you have reliable transportation?
Do you have a criminal record? (If so, please provide full explanation).
Are you currently employed? What is the name of your current employer and what position do you hold?
What is your highest educational level completed?
Do you feel you have the ability to face challenges?

Please provide the following information:
Full Name
Address (Complete,City,State,Postal Code Including Apt #,
if applicable - NO P.O. BOXES)
you will need to have valid cell Phone number for communicating, or Text so we can chat everyday to avoid high phone bills

If you are still interested, please get the above information to me as soon as possible., Once I receive this information, I will review it and respond as quickly as possible; as I need someone begin immediately (and pay will begin immediately, as well).

Thank you for your time.