Never send money or any fees to strangers using money gram,western union or any method other then direct bank transfer.

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Sent Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 6:52 PM

We are working towards a corruption-free world by promoting and defending integrity, justice and the rule of law Mission statement of the International Anti-Corruption Academy, We cover West African Countries. This is official notice to you that this office of His Excellency Mr. President Patrice Talon has been mandated to monitor and follow up your payment of Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars $8.5Million through Benin Republic.

Moreover, I have sent you a lot of email and also called you several times before traveling out from the office to Saudi Arabia for a business transaction. Furthermore, I have not been happy because my heart has not been at peace because your fund has been troubling me, since I came back just some few weeks ago and when I asked about your payment case, I was informed that your compensation payment has not yet been completed and paid, Perhaps, you know your fund has been wired into an ATM VISA CARD but due to the delay in the process of delivering your ATM VISA CARD, the process was cancelled and now your fund has been withdrawn and ready to be wired to you in cash. But orders came from His Excellency President Patrice Talon.

Now the only fee required by the CENTRAL BANK is just the CENTRAL BANK ACTIVATION APPROVAL OF THE CHEQUE which is $55 no COD. This payment is the only money you will have to pay to they to receive this cheque in your home address, and as soon as you send this $55,you are going to receive your funds through a LETTERED BANK DRAFT CHEQUE and the reason why this $55.00 is needed for the ACTIVATION of the cheque is to enable you to have no problems in cashing out the cheque, because as soon as this cheque is activated, and when you receive it you can take it to any bank of your choice and pick up the cash without any trouble or any further delay;

Furthermore,Mr President Patrice Talon have approved your FUND TRANSFER CHEQUE of $8.5Million usd. No any other person or individual will call for the claiming of this fund except you because you are the sole beneficiary and ownership of this fund, because we wont allow any other person to claim this fund and the reason why I am saying all this us because there are many imposters these days that are claiming peoples funds.

So kindly get back to us with the below information because your CHEQUE will be sent to you as a LETTER, this means that you will receive your cheque through a LETTER CHEQUE.

Below is the information to send thought Western Union / Money Gram today?

Receiver's Name.. Joseph Nnamdi Ifekwu
Country.. Benin Republic
City.. Cotonou
Text Question..LAST
Text Answer...FEE

Finally, remember send me an email regarding with the confirmation of your HOME ADDRESS to avoid any mistakes or errors in posting your letter bank draft cheque but you did not. And our Excellency the president has already signed the cheque Today been the 21 of July 2016 and he said I should notify and inform him when the cheque is posted. this $55.00 is the only thing delaying it.

We will be waiting for your call or email for the immediate procedure for the payment of your compensation fund CHEQUE.

Thank you,
[email protected]
Telephone +22964819571
Secretary of the office of the President