A few years ago a woman took advantage of a sick friend. He needed aid with working on his disability retirement paper work. He hired and provided a retainer to a woman who said she could help. Her name is Wendy from Maryland. Her company is called HR Vantage. He sent money and was provided a contract, but no help was offered. This was a time in his life where he was confused, scared, and didn't know how his life was going to work out. She took advantage of this.

Here is the BBB site information regarding her "company". For whatever reason they took off two of her complaints. But if you read carefully, it is noted that HR Vantage never responds to complaints.

Her website said she was "certified" as a CEBS person. This was a lie. There is a certification for this, but she did not have it. They subsequently sued her for trademark infringement.

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Court case

Her web presence has diminished greatly. Due in part hopefully to the BBB and the IFEBP. Trust no one. Especially if you are hurting, sick or in distress.