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    Advanced fee scam

    This could be an advanced fee scam. He may ask you to send fees by money gram or western union. Only use direct bank transfer to send money to strangers.

    From bolo.michel2016 < bolo.michel2016@yahoo.com> hide details create a rule
    Reply-to bolo.michel2016 < bolo.michel2016@yahoo.com>
    To <>
    Sent Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 2:40 PM

    thank you for the trust and confidence, But please do not betray me, I shall send to you an agreement that we shall sign between us as formality,so please contact the local bank below with the application letter.

    TÚl/Fax:(226) 50320071/226 50488512/ etc..
    Email; info_bsicbf@mail2webmaster.com
    Email: boa.curstomerdept@vip.onet.pl

    REF: A/C.No.002294170009/CONTRACT/20513/Z7535018.
    I request you to kindly furnish me with BANK CLAIM FORM to enable me to formally lay a Claim to the sum of US$61.6 Million, standing
    to the credit of now defunct account of Late. Muammar Gaddafi, pertaining to the above REF: cited Account Number and Contract Number, in my legal-capacity as the Business Partner/Refferenced beneficiary to the said Late.Muammar Gaddafi.

    The said fund US$61.6 Million, was deposited on 12 May, 2008, by AL-Saif Muammar Gaddafi. and is presently lying with your esteemed
    Bank, BOA, and is connected with the above REF cited account code No.45263

    As the referenced beneficiary to the above account, my erstwhile Business-Partner had deposited this fund there in Burkina Faso for
    onward transfer to an account in my Home country which I am mandated, to exercise my option,to nominate at the appropriate time.

    The said account has not been operated for a long time now. I understand that your bank has classified the said account as
    “dormant/inoperative”. I now agree to operate the said account regularly and request you to activate the account for onward
    transfer of my fund to my nominated account as reference beneficiary of the account:

    Kindly condone this unintentional delay and accept this application and do all the needful in arranging to transmit the entire fund to my bank account in my country.

    I shall gratefully appreciate your kind help to me in the transmission of this fund.

    Yours faithfully,
    Full name :
    Address :
    Country of origin :
    Telephone :
    Fax :
    Mobile No. :
    Email :


    Thank you
    and may god bless our efforts
    Michel B.Sanou

    Bolo Michel < bolomichel01@gmail.com>
    Reply-to bolo.michel2016 < bolo.michel2016@yahoo.com>
    To <>


    I am highly delighted to receive your mail today. I would be happy to
    partner with you but you must keep this transaction a strict
    confidential issue

    Listen, before I can come to your country there are things to be done
    because the fund I told you about was deposited with a local bank here
    but when the account becomes dormant the local bank declares the
    account as dormant and the fund was declared as state treasury
    according to the banking rules and regulations in Burkina faso, this
    means that the fund have to be reverted to the central bank for
    classification as unclaimed fund according to the swiss CRTI

    But as one of the Central bank top officer and responsible for all
    unclaim funds, I have the vital information and secret code of the
    account and fund.

    My name is simply Bolo Sanou ,and my french name is Michel, so check
    the below confidential file of the central bank for my identity but do
    not contact the email inside this file.


    I gaurantee you that within three weeks we shall be richer and other
    investment plans in your country would be possible.

    But first you must accept to cooperate with me with total confidence
    and trust to commit yourself to this deal.If you promise and assure me
    of your trust and commitment , i shall send to you the text of
    application that you should send to the local bank for reactivation of
    the account in your name and then the fund will be transfer to you as
    the approved refferenced beneficiary.

    Once the local bank communicate with you with the application forms
    for claims of fund as refferenced beneficiary, I shall use my office
    and position to immediately endorsed your application for onward fund
    release to you as beneficiary, for you to forward your foreign account
    to receive the fund in your country.

    But first you must act alone to contact the local bank with the text
    of application without mentioning my name to anyone until your
    application is approved and fund transfer is program.then the gold
    could be deposited with KLM cargo for onward freighting to you

    It is when all these are in place before I can resign and come down to
    meet with you

    Let me hear from you with your promise and trust for further details
    Thank you

    Bolo Michel < rosalinda@rwmetro.com>
    Reply-to bolomichel01 < bolomichel01@gmail.com>
    Sent Monday, July 18, 2016 at 6:30 PM

    Dear Friend,

    Greetings to you and your family. I am Mr.Bolo Michel Coordinator Claims Resolution Committee Department, Banque Centrale d'Etat d'Afrique l'Ouest Burkina Faso.
    I am contacting you for strictly confidential source .

    As a senior Bank officer, I am handling a confidential file of late Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. with the total sum of USD$61.6 and 400kg Gold Nuggets deposited with a code for
    claim since 2008. with a Commercial bank in Burkina Faso (BCB) this account is already considered as dormant.and classified as Investment fund for claims under a code returned to my department for onward state treasury if no one apply as refferenced beneficiary within three months.

    I will be willing to disclose detailed information if you are capable to receive this fund and gold for mutual transation with uttermost confidentiality,trust and transparency.
    This Deal is 100 % risk free.I am the only one with the code and informations. All I want from you is to act as the refference beneficiary of the fund to Provide a foreign company account for bank to bank transfer or direct withdrawal.
    I am offering you 50%

    Awaiting your urgent reply via this email above,
    God bless you.

    Mr.Bolo Michel Sanou
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