He may pay with a counterfeit check. The check may be more then the amount the job is for,then he may demand you send the difference to someone in say,North Carolina by money gram or western union and tell you to email him the reference number. Even though you sent it to someone in say,North Carolina,he can pick up the transfer even if he is in Africa. He doesn't need ID. Only use direct bank transfer to send money to strangers.

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Good Day,
shopping is a customer oriented platform that empowers consumer-facing businesses to spend more time fixing problems and less time finding them. Every day we pass judgments on the service we receive and this can affect what we think of the brand. For many retailers, they donít always get first-hand accounts of how their service is delivered; this is where you as an evaluator fit in for the task.

Our clients are looking to understand more about the service and experience their customers receive. They then use this information as part of their training and development programs. Mystery shopping is fun, rewarding, not too time consuming and the assignments are varied.

We have a wide variety of assignments which range from going to the pub through to airline assignments and staying in hotels. It's like getting paid for fun oriented exercise. Ultimately, you will help to improve customer service experiences for everyone.

Basics to prepare you for the task;

Ability to Remain Anonymous:

When performing an assignment, you must not reveal yourself as a mystery shopper unless you are instructed to. You can take the assignment guidance notes with you, but make sure they will not be visible to the employees. If you need to make notes, please do it in invisible places such as toilets or inside your car.


Shoppers are required to be reliable and self-disciplined. Assignments must be completed within the specified period. The report must be completed within 24 hours of the visit. If you are unable to carry out an assignment due to an unexpected circumstance, please email or text immediately and do not wait until the last minute. I-MSTY SHOPPER reserves the right to reassign any late assignment without further notice.

Objectivity, Honesty and Professionalism:

You must provide honest opinions on the shopper reports and all answers must be objective and professional. Under no circumstances should offensive answers be given on reports. Please remember, your report will be read from the location you visit and used as part of their training and development programs.


Reports must be completed in detail using full English grammar and please spell check your answers before submitting them. Please read the questions carefully and make sure there are no contradicting answers in your report. You'll receive an email or text informing you about the task as soon as you're assigned to conduct the survey.

Kindly confirm again your name in full, contact address, & cell #;your age and occupation Status, to prevent missing mail. You'll receive a subsequent email once the task is on the way. Have a great week.
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