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    Re: Hillary Clinton's people are trying to hack Scam.com

    I am tracking IPS but they mysteriously are Chinese proxies with perfect English and exact cadence.

    So the "Chinese" are guilty which is a joke. Proxies are practically free. I see many patterns. Oh I'd love to LEGALLY prove this...now its a gut feeling and experience

    And these aren't spam posts....links to dating, pills, whatever....these are calculated paid employee trying to be clever.

    Ok out of the blue......20 members register and post their 10 posts pro hillary....screen names lame......chinese proxy ips? Ok makes logical sense.

    2 years there will be a book about this. Keep posting, I live for this.

    I can just hear the Clinton campaign......cover your tracks.....anonymous (like my emails hahahahhaa).

    Welcome to scam.com. Keep trying to hack me (5 times now) you will be on the news soon
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