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    SCAM - MDM Brothers Investment Co.Ltd

    We have a sell/By diamonds company.
    A time ago I was in SIERRA LEONE because we wanted to open an office over there.
    I met there mister James Moore who, he say, is the CEO of MDM Brothers Investment Co.Ltd.
    Mr. Moore has helped me to driving me to the official instances in order to get the needed papers.

    I have got my working license as well a sub license which allows me to officially buy rough diamonds as well to certify them (Kimberly process certificate) and transport them to Europe.

    Unfortunately the EBOLA came and I was not able to complete my task.
    In march this year I have got a phone call from SIERRA LEONE. Mr Moore was coming to the Netherlands to visit a lady he knows.

    I told him then to come to our office so we could have a chat.
    I told him also that due to my health I was not able to travel anymore, so if he had a good contact willing to come over with the stones we could give him all the security and support necessary to sell it.
    He sad he would go back in a few weeks and let us know.

    Ia April I have received an email from him. He had someone who was willing to give him some rough diamonds that he could bring to Netherland.

    He send me a picture showing several rough diamonds and asked me to send him an invitation to come to the Netherlands so he could travel and bring the stones by us.
    He sent me a copy of his passport and I did what he asked and I have sent the invitation to him.

    After a while he told me that the owner of the stones would like to have at list $ 5.000 in advance for the costs that he had to make.
    I told him that this was quite a large amount and I was not willing to do it.
    The day after he sad that, because the owner was coming from the same place where he was born, could give him the stones but I had to send at least $ 1.500.

    Also I had to send the money not to his name, because he was at the time in the provinces and could not collect the money, but I had to send it to his driver Mr. Sulliaman Jalloh.

    The very next day I have sent the money with Western Union, and sent a copy of the form to him so he could collect the money.
    A few hours later he confirmed that he had collected the money and was on his way to Freetown.

    After a few days of silence I have tried to contact him but without any success.
    Finally I have got his message with a picture of a broken car telling me that he have had a car accident.

    From this point he didn't answer me anymore, till two days ago when I send a message telling him that I was going to make all of this public.


    The man finally answer telling me that he was going to refund me the money.
    I told him, to let me see that he was not scamming me, and that I was satisfied if he just would refund me $750.
    I would wait just for 2 days and no more.


    To recap this man is:
    CEO MDM Brothers Investment Co.
    Born 17 JAN 1976 in BO Town SIERRA LEONE


    NOTE: If you need any additional information about it just let me know.

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    Re: SCAM - MDM Brothers Investment Co.Ltd

    Today EDIT: 19-12-2016

    I have had a telephone call from Mister Moore, he sent me a refund of $400.

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    Re: SCAM - MDM Brothers Investment Co.Ltd

    Good thing he gave you a refund. other scammers won't even have an answer or a refund. Just know how thick faced they are.

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