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Leonard Hironaka

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Grow your business and make more money on scam. Believe you me or not,
sending extracted emails is sometimes like wasting time fetching water
with basket because

1 as you are extracting emails other people are as well extracting the
same emails and while working your client more than hundred people are
as well working him or her from other walks of life, sometime they get
confuse and do not know which is a scam or who to trust.

2 you bomb the same person over and over again because any time you
extract 1; you ignorantly extract the same emails you have extracted
before 2 you extract blacklisted mails or old dead emails

3 the worst of it all is buying emails from people who sales the same
emails to 100s of people and as well duplicate emails or you pay for
tools and the hacker disappear with money.

If you want, I'll sale to you hot and current fresh email leads that
will give you good result; I was getting my leads every 3 or 7days but
now I get daily update emails from a IT personnel working with IRS IT
department in US... Am sure you know what that means.

Am a Nigerian living in Nigeria, I know the word Nigeria is
discouraging but I do personally test my emails/tools and it been
tested good, so no email for text and if you cannot give me benefit of
doubt, then do not waste your time contacting me. I hate stories and
will not entertain long talk. You are free to deal with me or not but
if you worry about this, then don't pay that's the safest way. You
don't need to tell me stories on how you have been scam by hacker etc.

I sell daily update EMAILS that are not from open files, freshly host
WEBMAIL BCC1000 unlimited, SMTP unlimited and I also help send bulk
emails/format for people. Do not call to for anything outside what is

Good decision making in any business is key to success. I don't know
the level of your financial status, but I pray you will meet the right

Hironaka Leonard
Yahoo msg: [email protected]
Tel: +234 905 684 9333
Email: [email protected]