Hi Guys,

I’d like to share my story and warn you: watch out for Jossiv Kim – this guy would never miss a chance to empty your pockets. When I first met him I could not even think that this guy is such a crook. Later, when we tried to track him down, I realised that one should never trust or judge a person from his appearance. He looks, talks and behaves like a very polite a gentle person, in fact this is his way to approach you, win your trust and use you.

Even now, looking back I don’t quite understand how this could happen to my business partner and me. We had a small company trading with electronics in Milwaukee. Kim approached us on a trade fair and somehow he convinced us that we have traded with him a while ago. He talked like he knows the subject and we had no doubts that he is in the business.

We exchanged mobile phone numbers and a few days later he popped into our office asking for some items that we were expecting to receive soon. We agreed about a price and he asked to book some quantity for him. After the goods arrived, Kim came to collect his lot. He came with a truck and two guys who loaded everything for him. Usually we don’t accept cheques, but since we were confident that we know each other for a long time, he paid with a bank cheque and left. Next day we went to deposit it to the bank and it was rejected. What a surprise! We concluded the deal for USD 300K. The trick was very simple and clever in a sense: he put 300K in writing, but in figures it was 3M! Of course, our bank refused to not accept it. Should I tell that Kim’s phones were dead by that time?

That was a very frustrating experience for us: there was no point to start a case, because the person vanished like never existed. We never recovered from that loss and closed the business a couple of years later.

We did some work and sort-listed proven cases of Kims’ criminal activity in a number of countries:

Jossiv Kim was born on July 26 1954 in a family of Korean origins. He was raised in the Sulak village in Russia. people in the village claim that Jossiv was always mentally unstable and was making a living through petty theft. In fact, he spent his childhood years in a special school for juvenile criminals. In addition to that, he was monitored by a professional psychiatrist. When he grew up and left the school, he started to experiment with fraudulent crimes, including falsifying documents. He was caught on a number of occasions, but have manage to get away with it, due to his diagnoses. There are no further details on his life back then, since the Soviet archives were literally destroyed. It is only known that he was actually married four time and all those times he divorced his soulmates and took their possessions with him.

Kim borrows significant amounts of money and runs away from lenders.
Not feeling safe in his home country he flees to Poland and finds a way to unlawfully obtain citizenship there.

Being an EU citizen now, he moves to Holland and gets married. Now he can use his wife’s name for future frauds and scams. In Holland he approaches a few banks and applies for loans using fake documents like false job contracts.

He took several loans from commercial Russian banks by falsifying the paperwork. Eventually, the lenders began looking for him and he was forced to hide in Poland. There he used the welcoming Polish regulations to become the country’s citizen.

At the same time, he got married again. The age difference was too great to maintain normal sex life and Kim was using his young wife and her name in order to forget various documents in the Netherlands. Kim tried to loan the money from the Netherlands banking institutions, using falsified papers and even documents, which demonstrated that he was getting a huge salary – ten thousand dollars. Still, he could not outsmart the European bank control system.

Bank control system was strong enough and his applications were rejected. Then, he starts smuggling Gilette products and fake perfumes to Holland. Later, through a Dutch company he supplies prohibited dual-purpose electronics from the US and Israel to countries like Russia, China and the UAE.

In the same time he continues to raise fake invoices and bills trying to trick the tax authorities in Holland. As a result the Dutch company was liquidated and Kim was reported to the authorities.

At this point Kim meets Maxim Hodak, a Dutch lawyer of Ukrainian origin and they become a team, establishing a chain of companies in England.

Using his help, Kim established an entire network of English organizations, which were focusing on “publicist” activities. For example, the Glagoslav company that is owned by Jossiv Kim as well as Maxim Hodak via the Arcuda as well as Slavinvest organizations. The company’s official reporting clearly depucts the usage of shadow finances. Maxim Hodak is also Jossiv Kim’s consultant, his attorney and his secretary-courier.

Jossiv kim also received a substantial amount of money through laundering some of the stolen Ukrainian budgetary funds. To be more precise, Jossiv Kim’s counteragent organization on fraudulent operation was the offshore organization that was called Oxlord. The organization was established in Seychelles by the Intrahold AG and the Monohold AG organizations:




Together they use these establishments for money laundering purposes and Hodak acts as Kim’s consultant, legal representative and secretary. Investigations unveil transferring funds stolen in Ukraine and Moldova to offshore.

Being involved into a large-scale money laundering activities, Kim cannot miss an opportunity to make even more and finally he is arrested in Italy when attempted to sell stolen goods. Despite of all the efforts made by Hodak, this time Kim was locked behind bars. However, a bit later he was placed under house arrest and escaped, never been sighted in Italy again.

Next time he was spotted in Riga, Latvia, where he sold his car and reported in stolen, trying to claim its cost from the insurer. Indeed he was never squeamish to use any methods to get more money.

While number of reported offences of all sorts was growing fast, Kim decides to leave EU and relocates to the UAE in June 2013. After liberal Europe he was not very fortunate in strict Emirates and in September 2013 Dubai police starts looking for him on accusations in governmental documents forgery. At the moment the case transferred to Federal Prosecutor’s office of the UAE and Kim is wanted in Dubai: http://govsearch.net/policeprosecutiondubai.pdf

It is assumed that at the moment Kim is hiding in Europe together with his wife Angelina and son Anton. They keep changing places and can show up anywhere anytime.

Stay alerted and help preventing the crime.