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    Oklahoma County Corruption - State Officials Partnering with Energy Companies and Prosecuting Oil/Gas/Mineral Owners

    This post is a primer for going public with very compelling evidence that will show that local state officials in Oklahoma and Canadian Counties are , under the color of law, criminally prosecuting innocent, and not so innocent, Citizens of Oklahoma that either own Oil, Gas, substantial Real Estate, or mineral interest in the State.

    The evidence I have now shows at least one Oklahoma County Judge and no less than (2) assistant district attorneys in Oklahoma County are CLOSE FAMILY/RELATED TO EACH OTHER, and they EACH share close family and business relationships with several mega energy companies, and dozens upon dozens of "shell" companies all over the US, including Nevada, California, Texas, and Florida.

    These State Officials, under the color of law, are robbing Oklahoma Citizens and families of Generational Wealth. When they go after families, they often use DHS, as in my case, to remove children from their homes, and prosecute parents for crimes that never happened.

    One major energy company in particular has founded a Boys home in Oklahoma County that is partnered with DHS.

    In these cases the DA(s), Judge, and Energy Company Executives are all FAMILY. DIRECT FAMILY MEMBERS, and they use this "certain" judges courtroom ( a HUGE conflict of interest) to destroy families and each co-profit from the incarceration (private prisons they are each invested in), DHS sponsored childrens home/programs (federal grants, donations, public support) they put their victims kids into, and the energy companies, at least it now appears, somehow use the courts to eventually take control of these unclaimed/unmanaged assets (oil/gas/real estate/mineral interest) using other also directly related family members in County/State/Federal government.

    If you or someone you know may have been a victim of this unimaginably unethical and illegal scam in Oklahoma or Canadian Counties, or if you were wrongly persecuted in Oklahoma/Canadian counties and are unsure why, research land records in both counties and verify whether or not you, a grandfather/grandmother, or someone else close to you, through marriage or kinship, is listed in Public Land/Deed Records.

    The assets they seem most interested in are: Oil/Gas Leases, Mineral Rights, and Real Estate anywhere near the Oil/Gas formations throughout Central, NW and NE Oklahoma.

    I want to hear from others, like me, that were maliciously prosecuted in a Kangaroo Court in Oklahoma County.

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    Re: Oklahoma County Corruption - State Officials Partnering with Energy Companies and Pros

    uh, is it just me or you didnt say what happened to YOU exactly!? color of law was a term i was not familiar with had to look it up!
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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