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    Terrible experiences with pentacostals

    Hey guys, I must say it's a very nice discussion board. I hope you can help me with something. I recently started youtube channel where I'm talking about my terrible experiences with some wired christians/pentecostals/etc. I was wonderin if you can help me by sharing your stories if you have any same/simillar experiences. Your help will be greatly appreciated. You can find my channel here, I've just started it:


    You are more then welcome to share, comment, like / dislike, etc. Your opinions really matters as well as your stories.

    Talk to you soon :)

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    Re: Terrible experiences with pentacostals

    Do you know what a Pentacostal is?
    Originally Posted by nomaxim
    Sorry there ''ohein56', but it appears that 'Joecool44' does not have the position that you envision on this topic.

    'Joecool44' has, as a matter of routine, refuted most of your accusations
    Quote Originally Posted by Jax74 View Post
    Some people have the ability to think critically, some do not. ohein obviously doesn't.

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    Re: Terrible experiences with pentacostals

    Quote Originally Posted by Joecool44 View Post
    Do you know what a Pentacostal is?
    Something like a PentEcostal?
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    Re: Terrible experiences with pentacostals

    I read about this on Google.

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    Re: Terrible experiences with pentacostals

    Pentacostals are terrible two-face people with zero to none moral standards. They also have "religion within their own religion". For example they were about to kill me by choking to death because I refused to believe in God, while believing that what they are doing is the God's will. Like God gave them permission to kill me... In fact they did that cause I said that I will expose them. This people are really evil, ready to harm you any way they like for your disobedience. Soon I will record another video and I'll talk further about that.

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    Re: Terrible experiences with pentacostals

    first let me say I am a Christian. I usually worship in a more "liturgical style" meaning that I worship with denominations like Lutheran or Episcopalian, some times Presbyterian.
    I have visited Pentecostal churches ( e. Pentecostal , Jesus fellowship, Assembly of God , etc..) My observation is this
    a) Most people who worship at the "Middle Church level", usually want a "show" or a spectacle, i.e. something that entertains them. the church officials know this and try to put on a good show with music, a fiery speaker, talking in "tongues" or some other spectacle like turning off the lights at strategic intervals during the service .
    b) in many respects the "Middle church" functions as a "poor man's country club" it is mostly a place for socializing, a place to "park the kids" a place to find a date, and that is it. the worship or study of scriptures is really on a back burner. it is not a priority
    c) if real ,true religious persecution returned to society ( e.g. like that at
    100-325 BCE during the Roman Empire) then about 95% of the audience would not be there.

    This equates to asking yourself these questions:

    1) why do you want to go to church? is it for worship and/or study of scripture?
    2) are you looking for a date and/or socializing?

    Would you be better off doing this:

    1) worship at a small chapel or group that is devoid of any entertaining

    2) develop a social life and/o activities outside of "church" such as joining a dating club

    3) would another denomination other than Pentecostal be better for you? e.g.
    1) Unitarian/Universalist, 2) Unity church

    4) would finding another religion other than Christianity be better for you? e.g.
    1) Baha'i, 2) Buddhism

    In any event the fault may not be the Pentecostals. it maybe you have an unrealistic
    expectation of the worship or the church.so examine yourself. is it I need to find another type of worship or another religion? or do I keep the religion and develop something like a social life outside church? ( e.g. dating club, activities such as bicycle club, hiking club, tennis association ,etc..)

    good luck

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    Re: Terrible experiences with pentacostals

    Man, thanks for your elaborated reply but what you are writting about is not the case. Since what I've experienced in this churches:

    sexual, phisical, psychcal abuse, being unwillingly hypnotized, being given poisons that reduced my health level and destroyed my immune system, being treated like a piece of shit by church leaders and elders, being mocked, being talk about as an animal, lovest life form, being insulted in private and publicly, and at the end being choked to death or at least being given near-death experience I just hate all this people, all religion and that ing God himself.

    I'm sure you do not understand what I'm talking about because you didn't experienced that. I used to in believe all they were teaching for more then 10 years andf I do regret that I allowed this people to waste my time there. I feel like I'm piece of shit right now cause I was so naive and these people used that against me.

    Thanks for your answer to this thread anyways but I hate this whole christianity so much because of what they did to me.

    I wouldn't wish my enemies to go through what I went through.

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    Re: Terrible experiences with pentacostals

    I sent you a private message but to repeat myself

    1) do not go back to the outfit that hurt you
    2) it sounds like a type of "mind control" or "brain washing"
    3) consider another church similar to the Pentecostals but not affiliated with the outfit that hurt you
    4) find a place to worship that is at least 50 miles away ( about a one hour's drive)

    for example

    1) if you have more of a "Holiness" background try Methodist or Nazarene churches

    2) if more of a Baptist background try Assemblies of God churches

    3) if more of a "Oneness" background try Church of God in Christ , United Pentecostal church or Apostolic Pentecostal church

    also worthy of consideration are

    "Four Square" churches and "Full Gospel" churches

    Finally consider a non denominational outfit. by that I mean find a church in your region that is similar to either Lakewood church in Houston , TX ( Pastor Joel Osteen) or "The Potters House in Dallas, TX ( Pastor TD Jakes)

    but above all else DO NOT go back to the church that hurt you

    still "keep the faith" but find another place to worship. preferably this should be at least 50 miles
    away from the outfit that hurt you . it should be about a one hour's drive away from the place that hurt you


    " A Friend of Jesus"

    all the best
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