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Thread: Chris Lincoln

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    Chris Lincoln

    From Chris Lincoln < [email protected]>
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    Sent Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at 7:34 PM
    Hello ,

    Thank you for getting back to me, I have to say i am so sorry for my late reply. Myself and my wife have been busy planning our honeymoon and finally we got a fantastic destination and we are making travelling arrangements. Working for me is very easy and following instruction is very important. I will be going on honeymoon with my beautiful wife tomorrow morning and it is going to be for 3 long weeks as we need this holiday. We got married last week and since then we have been contemplating on the destination and also waiting for my wife's leave to be approved. Now that everything has been resolved, Finally we think Paris should be good and I want you to start working for me immediately until we return back. Please note that your salary is not a problem at all and we will pay you $400 weekly.

    We will be away for just 3 weeks and for this 3 weeks, I need time with my wife so you know that your work will be almost without supervisions. For now you will be helping with bill payments, little errands within the city like shopping and rent payment when needed or sometimes grocery shopping for my mom (I will let you know how to go about that later). I don't really have much time to type too long as am so excited and can't wait to be in Paris with my lovely wife. If you are ready to start working for me, kindly show interest by getting back with the information below asap. Please make sure the information are 100% accurate as it is going to be used for your pay check and funds for you to run errands while i am away.

    Your Full Names:

    Complete Home /Street Address:

    City, State & Zip Code:

    Cell Phone Number (s):

    Can i trust you with my financial activities? like paying bills, little shopping etc ?

    Are you able to work with little or no supervisions and follow instructions well?

    I will meet up with you when we are back from our honeymoon and we can discuss if you want to work with me full time as i have a better full time option for you, but this 3 weeks is important to see how much you can follow instructions. Waiting to read from you asap

    Thank You

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    Re: Chris Lincoln

    Thanks for the info.

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