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Thread: John Cawley

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    John Cawley

    Only use direct bank transfer to send money to strangers. File a police report if you are ever ripped off.

    From John Cawley < johncawley009@outlook.com >
    To <>
    Sent Saturday, July 9, 2016 at 10:57 AM

    Deduct the $250 we agreed on as payment for your services for a week, then go to a Western union or Money Gram office to do a bill payment. Send money transfer in a minute. Send $1800 to my supplier at this address:

    Name: Hannah Gunman
    City: Malate
    State: MANILA
    Country: PHILIPPINES

    The information I provided is sufficient for the transfer, you don't need a street address.Take cash to Western union have it wired to my supplier as instructed.

    Email me the details of the transfer as soon as the money is sent. I will need the reference number for the transfer.I am aware of western union charges which will be deducted from the $1800. When the supplier gets the money, they will ship the products (personalized items for my new store) to you. I will be sending you additional money on Thurday with detailed list of what to shop for. I had a heart scare recently so I'm returning home to see a cardiologists ‪on the 17th of July.‬ I'd like to meet you upon my return to discuss the possibility of making this position long term. How do you feel about meeting? Where is the closest shop to you?

    Email me the details of the transfer as soon as it is completed. Please acknowledge your receipt of this message

    Note. You are to send $1800 to Hannah Gunman
    Buy itune gift card of $50 at walmart or any store and from the remaining money left. use out of it for sending fee and the rest is your errand bonus.

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    Re: John Cawley

    When we are talking about " John Cawley " I don't really have an opinion.

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    Re: John Cawley

    I am addicted to this

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