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Thread: Bela Jewellery

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    Bela Jewellery

    has anyone ever made any money out of the company Bela Jewellery. Like all work from home job, this one seems way to good to be true and I am not as willing as I used to be to give my money away because I have been ripped one to many times by FAKE companies. I was just curious if anyone has anything good to say about it or is it all a load of BS. Thanks

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    Re: Bela Jewellery

    Tink - There are already posts on Bela Jewellery and Show Jewellery. View them thru the "search" on the top bar. I tried to find the site for Bela a while ago but was unsuccessful. Do you have the website address? Feel free to pm me and hang on to your money.

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    Just do a little more research I am sure there is a company out there for you that offers what your looking for.

    Today with the world wide web it is so easy to make money from home.

    Just make sure your in contact with a real person before you put money on anything.

    good luck.

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    Re: Bela Jewellery

    LOL I have just made a post on them BIG TIME SCAM! I'm in dept with 800 dollars!

    dont' believe me? lol try it out yourself


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