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    Rev.fr james Duke

    This is an advanced fee scam. Never send money to strangers using money gram or western union.

    From Rev.fr james Duke < revfrjames.duke@angelic.com>
    To <>
    Sent Saturday, July 2, 2016 at 1:59 PM

    Apostolic Faith Church Foundation Ministry

    Rue La plateau ,plot 2247 Abidjan.

    May the peace of our lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family ,Yes there is a Cashier's Cheque that was dropped with me here to deliver it to you with a solid verification to know if you’re the rightful owner of the Cashier's Cheque before it will be a mistake so you have to send to me a copy of your Id card to know that you’re the rightful owner, Mean while you have to note that your partner did not drop any delivering fee because I went to the three courier delivering companies to verify how to send the package to you without any delay because am always busy with church activities that is why I went to those delivering companies to know how it will be sent you,

    Here you can make your choice from the three delivering company and note that you have to send the fee which the amount is there for your notice,

    Dhl Delivering courier company : $199

    Ups Delivering company : $270

    FedEx Delivering company: $215

    So after you make your choice to come up with the delivering fee so that you package will be send to you without any delay.

    Recivers Name: Abraham destiny

    Country : Ivory Coast

    City: Abidjan

    I wait to hear from you as soon as you make your choice from the list below and the payment Reference number from the Western Union or Money Gramm,

    Thanks and God Bless You.

    Yours pastor in the lord

    From Colette Kra < colettekra@yahoo.com>
    Reply-to Colette Kra < colettekra@yahoo.com>
    To <>
    Sent Friday, July 1, 2016 at 3:05 PM


    I'm happy to inform you about my success in getting the fund retrieved
    and also transferred under the cooperation of a New partner (Mr Raju)
    from India

    Presently i am in India with my own share of the money, Meanwhile, i
    didn't forget your past effort and attempts to assist me transfer
    those funds in the past, despite that it failed us some how, Before
    making the journey to India with the new partner that came to assisted
    me in getting the funds retrieved, I left a total sum of $250,000,00
    Dollars in a check for you, in the hand of my Dr Rev James in Côte d'Ivoire,

    I left this check for you in other to compensate you for your past
    effort and assistance in getting the fund transferred, only that it
    desperately failed us some how, I really appreciate your past effort
    at that time, So feel free to get in touched with the Dr Rev james
    Duke, so that
    he can send the check to you,

    Contact him as soon as you read this message because i have already
    instructed him to send the check to you as soon as you get in-touch
    with him,
    Please do update me as soon as you received the check, so that we can
    share the joy together, In the moment, I'm very busy
    here right now because the Investment projects i and my new partner
    are having at hand,


    Names DrRev James Duke
    Immeuble Alpha 2000
    2nd & 20th Floor
    Rue Gourgas - Plateau
    Abidjan, 01 Côte d'Ivoire
    Telephone 00225 543 620 74
    Email revfrjames.duke@angelic.com
    telephone +225 042-461-27

    Kindly do inform me as soon as you received that check,May God be with
    you.please Always remember me in your prayer,and contact the preist
    right away by phone and Email. Yours Faithfully and Beloved sister.

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    Re: Rev.fr james Duke

    You guys are not staying on topic about "Rev.fr james Duke " . Please try

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    Re: Rev.fr james Duke

    I am sick of this topic.

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