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    Summer Bay Resorts - Big scam for OVER 6 years!

    A hotel called Summer Bay Resorts has been scamming people for years.

    Here's how it went down for me;

    They offered a package in Orlando FL (No more details than "Oralndo Fl") when told that a family decision was needed to be made, they (They, in this case being "Dan Dougan", who as far as I can tell from my research, isn't real) came back a few moments later, offering a free $100 visa gift card and a 3 night stay in Vegas. All for $300.
    So I took the offer, only to realize it was a scam.
    There are no contact emails on their website.
    The email daemon IP and the website IP doesn't match.
    When called and asking for Dan Dougan, the Lady on the phone said "Dan Dougan Not here right now", then in the background I heard a man say, fairly loudly, But Wait! We can offer you...

    I want to warn you to NEVER trust this company.
    Does anyone else have an experience similar to this?

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    Re: Summer Bay Resorts - Updated

    Their website is 1 page/elementary with NO contact info (only a number that goes to a call center!). I had similar experience 2 yrs ago-what a waste of time. Could NOT get a consistent straight answer each time I called-and was put on hold forever! They use 3 call centers I learned-from calling to get anyone to help on the money I paid, etc. No one knew anwers. Finally got to a main guy in FL who yelled & talked over me.. They never emailed the place to stay-so I was not going to drive 7 hours with no confirmation! I sent a complaint to the FL (and CA) Attorney General, who keep track of this, but not sure they are doing anything about this scam outfit.
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    Re: Summer Bay Resorts - Updated

    Quick note about my experience:
    Summer Bay resort is a marketing agency of some sort. They work for various Time Share Resorts, which try to sell you timeshares when you visit.

    I got a package of 5-6 destinations, including an upgraded 4 or 5 night stay in a resort in Costa Rica (total paid was $300-$400, back in 2008). I made use of it in 2010 and was VERY PLEASED with the resort.

    I wasn't pleased with my experience with Summer Bay resort, and I found them shady in many ways, but I got my money's worth in one trip. I found out later (from these threads) that others got a similar package for just $100.

    So, aside from shady marketing and business practices (summer bay), and a 2-3 hour timeshare marketing pitch (each destination), I didn't find it to be an out-right scam.

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    Re: Summer Bay Resorts - Updated


    It appears that Summer Bay Resorts operates under different names. I say that because their fax number matches the number of the company I was dealing with:
    "Costa Rica and Cancun Resorts"

    My trip to all-inclusive trip to Costa Rica was at the Vila Del Sol.... and i loved it.

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    Re: Summer Bay Resorts - Updated

    So glad I did some research. About an hour ago I got a call from a "John" at Summer Bay Resort. He was offering the Orlando vacation with a Vegas Vacation each for $299. I told him to call me back after I get off work- but decided to do some research in the meantime. THANK GOODNESS I looked in to it. Guess who will be hitting "Ignore" on my phone when his number calls back?!

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    However, it is not about you playing some mind trick on herYou shouldn't be surprised from all the tourist attractions and activities that are offered in Des Moines

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    Re: Summer Bay Resorts - Updated

    The best advice is NEVER buying a timeshare anywhere. It is a scam and the so-called timeshare you buy is sold over and over again to other people. It is very difficult to sell your timeshare now and renting isn't in the deal. It will cost you more to buy a timeshare and maintenance fee than to rent a hotel room or a full ownership of a condo. Don't do it. There is good information about timeshare scams: http://www.timesharescam.com/blog/20...f-a-timeshare/

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    Re: Summber Bay Is A Great Company

    Thank you for the information

    Quote Originally Posted by FloridaNative View Post
    I just wanted to clarify what you get in these packages sold by Summer Bay.

    The standard package consists of:
    4/3 Orlando
    2 theme park tickets
    3/2 beach
    3/2 mini cruise
    and is sold at several prices depending on who contacts you. The pricing ranges from $138-498.
    They also offer a 5/4 Cancun package from $99-199. (Note: this is the only package that includes any kind of transportation and it is only from the airport to the hotel and back)

    NOTE: All of the packages are the same REGARDLESS of how much you have paid. :confused: That said, if you pay the $138 it isn't a bad deal as the theme park tickets themselves are worth almost that.

    In case they did not tell you, there is a timeshare tour REQUIRED in each and every location that you visit. :eek: The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes and is basically painless. "Just say NO". Also, transportation of any kind is NOT INCLUDED(except in Cancun as I noted above). They will assist in getting you a car rental, which I recommend, and the pricing is actually better than if you booked it yourself in most cases.

    They do not tell you up front of the $11 reservation fees, however, let me clarify them. The charge in Orlando is applied to your hotel taxes so you owe no more when you check out lest you charged things to your room. (ie: long distance calls)
    The $11 charge for the beach location is 100% refundable after you stay and you are responsible to pay the hotel taxes, but you must call to request the refund.

    As for accomodations, they are at best 3 star accomodations in Orlando unless you pay for the upgrade to stay at the resort. I feel that the upgrade is not worth it, just make sure you have what they call "premium" accomodations in Orlando. This means that you will stay at the Holiday Inn Express and not the Inn at Summer Bay. When you do stay at the Holiday Inn you are right next to the resort (on the same property) and have full access to it's ammenities which are nice.

    As for the beach accomodations, it is probably strectching it to say they are 2 star accomodations. The ONLY reason to stay is for the beach. Do not expect a nice hotel of any sort!

    As for the 3/2 mini cruise? I can only say one thing, SKIP IT!!! It includes nothing but a little buffet on the way there and back. It is a little ferry that you stay on for 6hrs and then you are in the bahamas, finding your own transportation to a questionable hotel that is not even near the beach unless you paid for yet another upgrade. Not to mention the port fees which are a joke at $159pp (and no the 3rd and 4th person are not free).

    The best deal I found with them was the 5/4 Cancun vacation. I paid the $175pp all inclusive upgrade fee (which includes food and alcohol ;) ). I went in May 2005 before the hurricanes so cannot speak as to how it is now.
    The timeshare where we stayed, the Royal Sunset, was beautiful and right on the beach. There was also a sister hotel the Sunset Lagoon, which I actually liked better, but it wasn't on the beach where I wanted to stay. There was a boat that would take you back and forth free and there are a total of 6 restaurants and 2 snack bars between the two, however, reservations are required for all but the buffet and snack bars. The food at the buffetts was surprisingly good though.

    In closing I would say, take advantage of Orlando, the theme park tickets and Cancun. Leave the rest. You can find nicer accomodations on the beach yourself and nowadays all inclusive cruises are fairly inexpensive.

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