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Thread: Mike Stephen

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    Mike Stephen

    This could be a counterfeit check scam and an employment scam. He may send you a counterfeit check for more then the amount you are to get paid then ask you to send the balance to someone else by money gram or western union and claim the receiver is in the US. He will tell you to email him the reference number. He will pick up the transfer even if he is in Africa and told you to send the transfer to someone in the US. All he needs is the reference/control number. Anyone that has the reference number can pick up the transfer even if he isn't in the country where he told you to send it. Don't use money gram,western union or any method other then direct bank transfer and never use cash deposit.

    from: Mike Stephen < mike76215@gmail.com>
    to: <>
    date: Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 6:49 PM

    How are you doing. You will be receiving $2,250,As soon you get the check, Kindly take the check to your bank and have it deposit in your account as soon as it clear,deduct your money $400 for the service charge and you will send the remaining $1,850 to the agent information which I will will send to you once the check is been deposit.

    The excess funds covers both the insurance & shipping fees to your forth and back as you finish working on them.I will send you the caretaker information to you once you have send the money and the materials needed in the house will be arrange..
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    Re: Mike Stephen

    Mike Stephen ? Wow, ok.

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    Re: Mike Stephen

    i love this topic

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