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    Another Google scam - blocking open letter and wordpress links about Hillary's crimes and cover-ups...

    Check this out quickly before the Google gangsters fix it ad then deny it... Go to Google and do a search....

    1) "Open Letter Protest, DNC, Hillary Debbie Wasserman, corrupt" (Nothings pops up, But do the same Yahoo,ca or Orangecom) You will find http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/open-l...bernie-sanders but now try yo willto open the link! (It won't open!) But you go to the home page of the web site and scroll through the "Politics" section you will find the below! WTF? How do they do this?

    Open Letter Of Protest To DNC & Corrupt Debbie Wasserman Shultz Re: Bernie Sanders

    Subject: Open Letter Of Protest To DNC & Corrupt Debbie Wasserman Shultz Re: Bernie Sanders
    From: A Democrat who will never support ANY criminal or unethical candidates
    Date: 13 Jun 2016

    Dear Mrs. Wasserman,

    As much as you would like all Sanders supporters to embrace your gal Hillary (your personal friend for 15+ years) it ain't happening and I will tell you why...

    1) We are not as dumb, naïve, and gullible as you thought we would be and we discovered most, if not all of your dirty tricks put into play at polling stations, especially in California which has been confirmed by veteran investigative reporters Greg Palast and Daniel Hopsicker as detailed at the link below. Election fraud is a felony crime Debbie.

    2) You seem to keep yourself conveniently and deliberately oblivious to the past crimes, misdeeds, and "willful ignorance" of Senator Clinton. Just because her crimes may be 10-15 years old, they still occurred and went unpunished. Most Americans want an ethical and honest president - no matter which party they come from. These two links explain what I am talking about:

    3) As an American citizen I cannot ignore the fact that Hillary has demonstrated beyond any doubt, that she cares first about herself, her cronies, second, and "We The People" last. She does not deserve to be a leader in any capacity, even as the Mayor of Little Rock. I am not being malicious madam. I am being truthful. The history of the Clinton foundation speaks for itself, and although most Americans are not familiar with the Match Act, I am. Please read this:

    4) Your own personal betrayal of Democrats in not allowing the debates that were promised before the California primary is inexcusable and showed your bias like a period stain on a white sheet. Deny all you want - nobody buys your explanations any longer.

    5) We have caught your hackers red-handed deleting and censoring and down-voting FACTUAL information by the hordes and fabricating 2 million fake Twitter accounts.
    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3038621/More-2-MILLION-Hillary-C... and also...

    The deceitful DNC is NOT anything I now what to be affiliated with and since I have financial independence I will dedicate $100,000 to expose your collusion and corruption by any means possible, and urge every Sanders supporter in my We Chat group, FB circle, and Twitter to launch a Truth Train that will deliver the truth to every mobile phone and inbox in America. YOU have done more damage to the Democratic Party in just one campaign than any other Democrat in this Century. In fact you make Walter Mondale and Dan Quayle look brilliant by comparison.

    If you do not resign with a public apology to America for all your deceptions, no Democratic Candidate will ever receive my vote again, and if the deceptions continue you may even force me to vote for the racist Trump and even campaign on his behalf. That is how much you have enraged me and thousands of others. Keep up your deceit and I will even seek a criminal complaint against you for the racketeering you have orchestrated as you clearly seem to think that any means justifies the ends. Thankfully, most Americans do not agree with you.

    You can call what happens next "Voter Nullification" and all thanks to YOU and all your sneaky foul play. Maybe you fooled a few farmers in the middle of Kansas, but you have insulted the intelligence of millions of Americans Debbie. Sometimes it is better to burn down an old house and build a new one than to try and restore one whose foundation and framework is now rotted with many destructive termites like yourself. Congrats DNC, you managed to alienate at least five million once-loyal voters of integrity and conscience.

    Have a great day Debbie!
    A Proud American And Democratic Voter for 17 years

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    Re: Another Google scam - blocking open letter and wordpress links about Hillary's crimes and cover-ups...

    I really appreciate the information you posted about Another Google scam - blocking open letter and wordpress links about Hillary's crimes and cover-ups... . Good stuff.

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    Re: Another Google scam - blocking open letter and wordpress links about Hillary's crimes and cover-ups...

    I read about this on Google.

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