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    The Great Generosity


    Many are mired in a deep sense of hopelessness and futility. They don't see how the world will ever heal of its woes, and economically they experience the ground shifting under their feet. The way the news is manipulated brings despair for many, there seems no hope for peace, decency and truth. The very soul of mankind is being taken to the gallows and shredded of its dignity along the way.

    Yet, in the middle of all the chaos, a Great Generosity is also about to come upon us; a generosity that none of us deserve. One so big you could never comprehend it, let alone imagine yourself a part of it. It's a celestial force, radiant beyond words, a force that is already here to teach you how to redeem yourself. And while it teaches you, it will protect you so you don't falter on the way.

    What it will do is show you how to comprehend your place in the vast panorama of time and space, and it will show you how you stand not just on the earth but inside an invisible field--one that is bigger than a trillion universes. But mostly what this great goodness will teach you is how to dematerialize your ego and your body. It will show you how you belong to another world just as you belong to this one. It will show you that evil has no real power; that it is pre-programmed to destroy itself. Nice.

    The Death of Evil

    Imagine evil as a pilot in a plane with lots of fuel. He takes off thrilled with himself--his cleverness so to speak, and he or she flies around robbing people and killing them, and exercising authority over them. He is thrilled by his imagined wonderfulness, but he can only fly in one direction, as his mind will broach no alternative flight plan. So after a while he circumnavigates the world and he is back where he started from. Besotted, he takes off again, but he is only ever flying around a little ball and he doesn't notice that his altitude is slightly lower this time as he has less energy than before. Eventually, one of the more brave citizens below takes a potshot at him. He's not hurt, but now the wing has a dent in it and the plane flies even less well. His control trip has no place to go except down.

    Now another pilot senses his weakness and decides he'll take to the air. He wants the thrill of it all and he wants to be the top gun, and he'll fight with the original pilot. Then sixty more take off and now there's a dogfight in the sky over who will control the territory and its people below. It's called government, which is nothing more than a rabble of pomposities barging into each other like blimps colliding in mid-air.

    But all evil is bound, as is the pilot, by the force of gravity. In fact, in a very vast sense of the concept we could say that gravity is evil, as it captures an object and holds it without first discovering if that object seeks to be restrained in that way. Gravity is what usually kills people. As their heart has to pump blood against gravity and eventually gravity wins.

    Karma is a trajectory enforced by gravity. It's your ideas and actions traveling all the way round a bent force-field to find you. It's the pilot stupidly returning back to where he started. He never noticed he was going around a ball, it looked flat to him. The Great Generosity will show you a world where there is no gravity. Well more correctly, a world where you are unaffected by gravity, it doesn't control you.

    Celestial Beings

    I know some of you that have followed what I suggested have already seen or felt the generosity I speak of. You may not understand it, and you may not as yet see that you stand in something very special. You stand inside a deliverance without realizing it as yet. This is a rescue in the making.

    Four times in three years, I have been present with others, when celestial beings walked through a wall into the room. They bring with them a speckled ambiance of little colored dots that sparkle in the air like fairy lights, and then a serene covering of bliss falls over you. They evoke a silent awe.

    I just gaze at them grinning like a fool. I don't know where to put myself in their presence. They tend to stand a little way off leaning over slightly, radiating a caring that says everything is safe and that all will be well in the end. Sometimes, the beings move very slowly as if they are dancing but it's not like our dancing, it flows in a very graceful way. They are not inhibited by joints and ligaments that define how a human moves. The longest we have seen the beings stay in the room is six hours.

    I think their kindness and sacrifice knows no bounds. Imagine leaving the bliss of their world to fight their way into this world that is so terribly afflicted by the ugliness of the human mind. It must be an awful experience for them--talk about culture shock; a double somersault into a sewage pond, I reckon. The greatest sacrifice you can make is to risk yourself to save others. Goodness knows how we would evaluate their risk and love for humanity. It would be beyond definition.

    What I found initially so strange to comprehend is that some of the beings are fighters, which is odd when you think about how celestial and magnanimous they are. They exercise their strength in an unusual way. It is because they are part of an enormous power that their goodness invites reason to attend in situations that are often unreasonable.

    Imagine a group of bullyboys tormenting a village with violence and crime. One day, four blokes show up that are eight-feet tall; they can run like the wind. All they have to do is stand in the city square, clean their fingernails and whistle. End of torment. That is how the celestial beings operate as far as I can tell.

    Our world is controlled and sustained by another that you can't normally see. That mirror-world is infested by transdimensional bullyboys that control what is happening over the ground here. They legislate for a tyranny over us: The bank that is secretly weeding your money, the bent lawyers, the crooked rulers, the disreputable doctors, the liars in the media, etc. It's all sustained by an evil that exists but a few feet from you head. It's hovering in the room right now figuring how to undermine your day; talking your neighbor into suing because he tripped over your garden gnome one night when drunk.

    The first big battle had to be against these ghoulish forces from the mirror-world. And once they get shoved out then the tyrants and the liars here on earth will no longer be assisted and supported. They will fall one after the next as their transdimensional support collapses. So the battle was first fought to remove the influence the ghouls have over human life. Then as places are cleared and tyrants brought down, people are liberated and the celestial beings will move to the next place.

    From these battles comes the final healing. One that protects you from negative forces so you can heal yourself. Most people are a little unwell all of the time. This is because as soon as you heal a bit the transdimensional ghouls scratch back at you, irritating the healing process and so you falter. Once the umbrella of protection comes over you, you gradually heal over time with no sets backs.

    No more pain. And gradually the confusion melts, predicated on how fast you dump the old flight plan. Helplessness, futility and despair--forget it. It came from sitting in that ridiculous plane, pretending you knew where you were going. You never went anywhere, which is why your life probably looks much the same ten years later--twenty years later. Silly eh?

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    Whispering wind Guest

    Re: The Great Generosity

    The Lesson

    You may wonder how best to invite the Great Generosity into your life. I'll give you some ideas as we go along. There is more than I can say in one email. In essence you have to become the same as the Great Generosity, magnanimous and selfless, generous and brave. Can you do it? Maybe, or maybe you are too infested. It's not for me to say.

    The sad thing is people don't believe in goodness. If I say to you, "See that guy over there, togged up like a Christmas tree in the Lama's outfit, he is a saint." You would probably believe me as there is a reflected glory in it for you. Anyway, you are programmed to believe it. But if I say, "See that man in the jeans and the tatty tee-shirt, he is the real saint." At first you'll be intrigued and you may want to befriend him, but sooner or later you'll want to stab him in the back and hurt him. He's an affront to your competitiveness and feigned specialness. That is because he looks ordinary but he is better than you.

    If I say, "See that innocuous girl over there, she's very brave." As a female it will assail your womanly competitiveness, you won't like it, or if you are male it will irritate your macho. "How can she be brave, she is only a girl?" And I would probably say, "Well dude, compared to the wimp and the coward that you are, it wouldn't be hard to be brave, would it?" If I tell you a person is selfless you may sneer and you'll want to know what the angle is. But what if there is no angle, no trick? What if that person really is eternally good in their imperfect sort of way?

    Right now, most of you aren't ready. Because if the Great Generosity sends someone to rescue you tomorrow, you will engage your mind and fight and argue, and you will soon figure a way to hurt them and do them down. I've seen it so many times. It was one of the things that really impacted me in this lifetime--it always made me sad.

    But one day you will have to go past that and recognize goodness, because on that day a rather tatty person with no particular status or importance, will walk up to you and he or she will say to you in a quiet but authoritative tone, "Come with me." You will only have about fifteen seconds to recognize what is in front of you. If you stop to react or resist, or if you try to compare yourself to him or her, it will be too late; hesitation will be your downfall.


    The Great Generosity is already here, it will spread and grow stronger as the forces fight their way in, eventually it will be everywhere. Then you will hear strange tales of people that gave everything away and disappeared. And you may scoff and say, "What's the catch, what is the angle?" Then a very short, rather scruffy little man, wearing a strange leather jerkin, will rise from the corner of the pub and come across and he will say to you, "There never was a catch or any devious angle. The only really devious one was you." And, as you glance down at him, you will notice his fingers morphing at an incredible speed, so fast in fact it will seem that he has no fingers at all and a great fear will engulf you. You will know it's too late.

    Or, you put aside your antagonism for humanity--your competitiveness, and you open your heart like never before, agreeing not to bite the hand that is trying to feed you. Then you go out over the next few years and exhibit the same selflessness, grace and gentility, as the Great Generosity, and eventually she will agree to carry you out of here to her world.

    Stuart Wilde

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    Re: The Great Generosity

    so are ya sayin.........dont cha wish your girlfreind was hot like mine!?dont cha wish your girfreind was raw like mine..........dontcha,..............dontcha!?! :eek: :p :rolleyes:

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