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    Don't Do Business With VALEXOTIQUE

    I want post a scam by a con artist here, recently have faced unfortunate incident, and want to aware people who want to deal with VALEXOTIQUE SARL info.valexotique@gmail.com.

    I want to aware people about Mr. Jarome Chadouli,

    his contact details are as follow:


    18 Place Pierre de Fermat-30000 Nimes -

    TEL +33977198895
    FAX +33977198866


    Please do not pay him advance 50% to him as he is nothing but a con artist, I refused to pay him money without checking the stock and I asked him to receive my associate and then we can make payments are proceed further.

    My associate flew from Spain to Germany to meet this idiot, and he left him unattended on airport for 8 hours, later he has to come back. This person is only hunting your 50% upfront, and he has nothing but a golden membership on Alibaba.com

    He contacted me through Alibaba where I was looking for live stock, 100 Boer Goats, 12 Holstein Heifers and 8 Brahman Bulls and Cows, that was an initial order and intend to buy every month on regular basis.

    Bad things happens to good people, but if anybody is considering to do any business with him ........... then please do not waste your time and money on this con artist.

    I will forward his emails and conversation on watsapp everything if anybody need any information, please feel free to forward his emails and details to you.


    Syed Saoud Shah
    Cell# +923213480209

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    Re: Don't Do Business With VALEXOTIQUE

    Haters will be haters.

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