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    Help from the community please

    Hi guys, I replied to a job listing on kijiji earlier this week. Here is the link http://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-jobs/ci...ier/1155273367
    I called the number, talked to the guy, and gave him my email. Basically what he wanted me to do was use funds transferred to purchase bitcoins. I was hesitant, then I received this email pertaining to a upcoming transfer.https://gyazo.com/4a78084f4110455e46009d21ab084352 I was still wary after.
    I said to myslef "Lets just see if an Interac transfer comes through" lo and behold, it did. I typed in the answer to the question and received the money. I went to my bank and withdrew the funds minus the 5% and went over to a bitcoin kiosk and sent the funds. Called gentleman back and let him know that everything went smooth.
    He then sent me another invoice here https://gyazo.com/8f70aa5dcf1c2533f9bad6cc5e809970 5 minutes after getting back. I said ok, seems legit, and I did receive the email transfer. I typed in the password and received the funds. 2 transactions in total. I did the same thing, went to the bank, withdrew minus the 5% and went to the kiosk.
    Here's where my concern came into play. After confirming with him again after 2nd transaction completed, he said he had one more for me for the day. https://gyazo.com/d3aaf666c64ab142e219e9fa04e59eb2 I thought to myself, well business is good and keep on trucking.
    The transfer was from the same guy who i thought i just sent coins to. Why would someone guy more coins immediately? I tried depositing the funds and an error popped up. EMT412. I called the guy and let him know and he said he'd look into it.
    I thought about everything. Was really easy money, and I found comfort in the interac transfers because they always seemed safe to me. Anyways, I wake up today, make breakfast, and call the gentleman again. He says he has a transaction needing to go through, and I said I'd be interested. He sent me thishttps://gyazo.com/bfc20ed4c4ad67e49cfcdd640d61d45a date wrong, compensation % wrong and whatnot. If you notice however, this is the same lady from yesterday, the first transaction. I attempted depositing the money, and i was hit with that error from yesterday. So we have 2 people, 4 transactions, 2 successful. I called him and he said he'd look into.
    Now I am concerned. Possible that he hacked into online banking and transferred money out. They have a phone number, they have a website, www.uzdev.com and the ad is still up. I am nervous wreck however. An Achilles heel of mine.
    I called interac, and they said to speak with my bank. I called TD and told them the error number and to see if anything is going on, they stated to speak with the sender, which I can't do.
    If you guys could please help figure what is going on, or has anyone been through this. I searched all of google looking for a case similar, to no avail. Would a scammer have a website, phone number and whatnot. He answers my calls, I am just worried.
    Thank you guys.

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    Re: Help from the community please

    I totally agree.

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    Re: Help from the community please

    I'm new to this site. I registered so I could post warnings about a company and I can't seem to find out where to post. Have you figured it out? Everyone needs to know about the SCAM I have discovered.

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    Re: Help from the community please

    Go to scam.com, and whatever your scam you would like to report, pick the appropriate category and post,

    There's 50,000 threads. Reply reply, reply to anything that interests you. Search box top left

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