Today I surfed the web for available rooms in northern NH on the website Booking Buddy which insinuates its partners of Trip Advisory company. The website seemed very legit. NO red-flags. I'm not an idiot I promise. I print out the reciept happy that I got a good deal due to a military discount. My brother calls me up and and asks me to call the hotel to verify because one time he had issues. I took his advice and called the hotel. Come to find out I did not have reservation. I was heated, but also scared. I call the number on my printed out receipt of the purchase. Some younger guy answers. I explain him my situation. He asks for my invoice number. Looks up my information, asks security questions then proceeds to explain to me he cant help and I have to cancel the charge in 48 hours. I bust out laughing and start to get angry and demand my charge to be refunded. He finally transfers my call to someone who he thought could. I get an answer machine. I call my bank. After hours - no one to pick up my call. I get worried thinking they are making all sorts of charges on my card. I turn my card over and called that number. I canceled the card because I "lost my card or it was stolen" I check my bank account, no new charge, yet. The big red-flag out of this story is the fact that the guy said I had to cancel the charge in 48 hours. if That is ever said to you then it is totally a scam. The reason is because you have to cancel that charge or report it ASAP because once 48 hours occurs. You paid for it.