From Jose Torres < [email protected] >
To <>
Sent Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 1:57 PM


I'm happy to inform you that the payment as been delivered to you via USPS.Once you get the check I want you to go ahead and deposit the check at your bank and withdraw the rest Fund to proceed then you will deduct $400 from the funds as your first payment and wire the rest funds via Money Gram Money Transfer to the Specialist coming to place the decal on your car, So that The Wrap artist will be sent over to your area to wrap your car.

I want you to take care of it asap ,so that they will come and put the wrap on your Car and also they can make all the necessary arrangement for the supplies needed for the wrap placement..You are to deduct the money gram charges from the rest funds you are sending to the specialist .After the duration of your service and you want to discontinue, the specialist/ expert shall come again and remove the advert placed on your car with no traces of ever placing a vinyl decals on your vehicle.

Here is the expert's payment head office information to receive the rest funds via Money gram money transfer:

Receiver's Name: Jesus Enerio
City: Long Island
State: New York
Zip code: 19611

As soon as you send the fund to the expert's payment head office Information ,you will get back to me with the following information..

1) Sender's Name And Address:
2) Reference number as it is appears on the receipt and amount sent :
3) Best time that the Specialist can meet up with you at your residence for the placement of the Wrap on your Vehicle.

Acknowledge receipt of this email immediately

Kind Regards