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    Almost fooled by Scammers

    I have advertised my preloved item (Lenovo Laptop) at Carousell and there is one guy from the UK is interest and want to buy. So, I start dealing with him, without any hesitation, I believe him as a serious buyer because he really wants that laptop for her son who lived in UAE. Finally, we have agreed to deal, he said that laptop needs to ship immediately and the shipment only needs to use DHL service. Then, tomorrow morning I received an email about the payment and it is only can be seen in spam. He also whassup that the payment is in the process and wants the shipment is done ASAP.

    When I read that email, I found that he use Credit Europe Bank service to make the payment with TRANSFER ORDER NUMBER :- 9GW755953N953900. But, the payment is hold down until the shipment has been confirmed. So, quickly I text him again to make a confirmation about the payment, and the answer still the same, which he wants me to make a shipment first then the money will be credited to my account. If i don't do what he said, he will involve the FBI to come in my country and arrest me.

    Luckily, I started to realize and try to find the information about this bank and how scammers do their works done on the internet and through of my search mostly related to the scammers which using this bank to make fake payment. I also ask my friend who does a business online and one of my friends told me that he also has the same experience and advice me to not ship my item to this scammers.

    All I wanna know is: since they've got all my personal information, and I know that is a scam and won't be sending any money, how harm can they cause me with the information they already have about me, like email, address, phone etc?
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