I just read this articles and see that the number of armed state militias have jumped from 150 five years ago to over 1,000 today with over 600,000 registered members who claim they will secede from the Union if any number of things happen like the following...

* Blocking or controlling the internet
* Government seizures of firearms
* Restriction of travels world-wide
* Chip implants
* Declaration of martial law
* Unlawful detention of protesters


So what would anger you enough to stop paying your federal income tax, be part of a public protest, join the NRA, ACLU, or a state militia and spend one weekend a month "training" in the countryside? Supposedly this movement started after the Ruby Ridge and Waco killings and just got another 200,000 members after the Bundy incident. Does this send the right or wrong message to those in the ivory towers or does it just give them more excuses to increase their domestic spying and secret police operations. Is this why they built those 12 prisons over the last six years that are still empty but guarded by military police?