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    USDA "Organic" fraud. Sign petition by 11/15!


    I ran across this important alert and thought it might interest you. The signatures need to be in by November 16, 2005, so please consider taking action right away. Hope you are doing well. Here is the alert summary:

    Under pressure from big agribusiness, the USDA is deliberately refusing to take action against factory farms who are unethically selling their products as "organic." This blatant labeling fraud is compounded by a loophole in federal organic regulations that is allowing unscrupulous organic dairy farms to import young calves from non-organic conventional farms (where the animals have been weaned on cow blood, injected or medicated with antibiotics, and fed genetically engineered corn, soybeans and cotton seeds, laced with slaughterhouse waste and tainted animal fats).

    These confinement and feeding practices are inhumane, unhealthy, environmentally unsustainable, and unfair to genuine organic farmers, who follow strict organic principles on pasture access and animal feed, and do not import animals into their herds from conventional farms. Thousand of consumers and farmers are calling on the USDA to take action on this issue at its National Organic Standards Board meeting on November 16, 2005. Please sign the petition that will be presented at that meeting to end factory farmed organics.

    Take action here: http://www.organicconsumers.org/usda.htm

    From the Organic Consumers Association

    Left: Actual photo of cows "grazing" at an "organic" factory farm.
    Right: Photo of cows grazing at an organic family farm.

    "Some of the factory farms that currently confine thousands of cows in close quarters are operated by leading organic dairies such as Dean Foods (Horizon Organic) and Aurora Organic Dairy (producer of store brand organic milk to chains such as Wild Oats, and supplier to Horizon)."

    Please sign the petition. Thank you.

    Direct link to read and sign petition - click here.
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    Re: USDA "Organic" fraud. Sign petition by 11/15!

    This also is surfacing in a lot of other products made by companies. They are allowed to say something is "natural" when the definition is " any chemical derived from a natural substance". The process of deriving things from nature is usually the undoing of anything beneficial in the ingredient. "Organic" is often defined using the chemistry definition;"any substance containing carbon atoms". Quite a big difference than what you would think it means.

    There are many other definitions that the manufacturing industries use. It is false and misleading because they are using a total separate set of definitions. This goes for even simple ingredients such as fructose. It naturally occurs in fruit, but in the food industry, it is corn syrup. Glucose naturally occurs in our bodies, but does that mean the glucose in our foods is derived from humans? No, it is a synthetic imitation.

    Unfortunately, when people finally start finding a way to buy healthier products, the greedy and untruthful companies are looking for ways to boost their profits. The organic industry is billions of dollars per year and growing every year. People are educating themselves even more, but now there needs to be more than just taking a product at face value. Unless you buy from a local farm that you see uses organic practises, you will never really know. People who want true health will be constantly fighting a battle to keep things pure against the big businesses who want to protect their profits and the government who want to keep their "extra" income too.

    Right now, the certified organic industry is the only one that can be guaranteed by having a third party oversee everything. But unless we keep a few steps ahead of big business and government, they will eventually make sure that they are mixing their "natural" and "organic" abominations with the true ones. Are we confused yet? yep.

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    Re: USDA "Organic" fraud. Sign petition by 11/15!

    Since I have been back in the mainland for 6 years now, that is all I buy is Organic milk, I will not drink GMO milk, if you people knew what was in that milk you would BARF. Organic is the only type of foods to consume. Expensive but Aren't you worth it!

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    Re: USDA "Organic" fraud. Sign petition by 11/15!

    Is organic milk pasteurized ? I don't remember. Raw is best if we are to drink it at all, according to Dr. Mercola. I avoid dairy as much as possible as it is a mucus forming food. Our kids no longer are congested or have ear aches since we have taken them off dairy. If we give in to temptation and have a pizza, the kids all get runny noses the next day. White flour and dairy is a no-no in our house. Once in a blue moon only, and that is because of old habits.

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