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    supplementsgarden.com is a scam

    These guys at supplementsgarden.com are spammers. Don't support their shitty non FDA approved so called health products.

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    Re@d More Det@il >>> URL DELETED BY ADMIN

    This is the letter I wrote abuse@godaddy.com:

    This webmaster is constantly spamming me and my message board with dozens of domains you guys handle. Please give him a message.

    "Stop spamming scam.com or I am pursuing legal action and civil damages for time spent and bandwidth and various anti spam laws."

    I know he must run alot of these shady one pager domain names the format is always the same.

    Thank you godaddy, please give them a stiff warning.

    Let's see what godaddy does.
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    Re: supplementsgarden.com is a scam

    Supplements Garden spams the hell out of me and I left this site due to all the spam from them here. My buddy said it got cleaned up, I'm glad you are fighting back! Rock on!

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