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Thread: Good Music

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    Good Music

    How about some oldies from the 1970's
    I don't have a favorite, do you?
    Aerosmith, the Bee Gees, The Eagles and look we even have Ike & Tina Turner.

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    Re: Good Music

    When I am cleaning my house this is something I would have blasting. I am more 80s and 90s rock and pop. Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, etc Thats is the good music for me.

    So sick of the commercials on youtube but oh well

    Here's the playlist link for 80s and 90s
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    Re: Good Music

    Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and Leonard has a large number of great songs.

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    Re: Good Music

    I am a Luther Vandross fan to my soul. Now that's good music,

    You wanna relax after a hard day at work, put on the Luther. You wanna set the mood right with your old lady, Luthers got yo back.

    Please help our church -
    Your donations no matter how small are appreciated :)

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    Re: Good Music

    Hey-ya! Really enjoying by the stuff you've posted here, fellas! but have you ever heard about handpans? It's a very new and inspiring musical instrument. If you are proficient at YouTube you should be able to find many various examples of the instrument combinations I mentioned. For now, I am considering buying some Hang drum for myself...And wanted to ask if someone has ever owned his hang drum? how hard is to study playing?

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    Re: Good Music

    Classic rock always inspired me and now I decided to buy an electric guitar and start learning. I already managed to find a suitable model, thanks to https://musiety.com/epiphone-les-pau...ial-ii-review/ and soon I'll get the guitar. Hope that I'll manage to master the instrument!

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