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    Barbara Wiley Dating Scams - Barbarawiley2600@gmail.com

    Her name is Barbara Wiley from Los Angeles
    age 32/ height 5.7/ eyes hazel/ hair blonde/ white caucasian/ zodiac sign Aries
    she comes in contact through texting, her # +17026251778
    loves you instantly and want to marry you,,wants to
    come over to stay with you and asks for money for the ticket,

    Asks you to donate for children orphan, asks for your bank
    info, asks for money to buy food, asks for money for college
    books, tell lry story's about her aunt, lry about she lost her

    Aunt money and ask you to help pay her, claims her aunt
    husband try to rape her, she want to move in and let you take care
    of her needs, she rushes and demand you to send money,
    don't let her beauty fool you, stay far away from her, it's a scam!!!

    Here Are More Of Her Profiles On Dating Sites

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