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Thread: Brainup Iq Scam

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    Brainup Iq Scam

    Here's another scamalert: Brainup IQ hosted by geniuxtrial.com. These guys boast of increasing your brainpower. This non FDA approved product. They refuse to list the ingredients which is illegal and to boot they spam hundreds of thousands of message boards like scam.com with hacked ip addresses that send out messages through 1000's of computers like yours. This can get you in legal trouble and your internet provider will ban you since they are hijacking innocent people's machines to promote their crappy product. Here is an example of their spam.

    Just as the overall public health perspective enlightens a discussion of mental health,Brainup Iq Reviews the mental health perspective can enlighten discussions of issues historically among the domain of public health eg, physical inactivity, poor diet, environmental toxins eg, lead, mercury, neighborhood violence, unintended pregnancy, and injuries. >>> URL DELETED BY ADMIN
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