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    Ecuador earthquake: Correa at Vatican, SANto padre FRANCISCO in Lesbos: visits to and by fake Holy Father

    Ecuador hit by major earthquake as its president still at the Vatican and pope Francis already at Lesbos.
    Apr 18, 2016 - On the 110th anniversary of the BIG ONE at San Francisco.
    Last Prophet explains below what happened in the last three days, under headlines found nowhere else.

    * Chapter 1 *

    Three visits to and by "pope Francis"
    Apr 15, 2016, three guest stars at the Vatican, one day before "pope Francis" starts his genocidal pilgrimage at Lesbos, following a trilogy of visit annoucements within one month: Auschwitz before Lesbos and Homos:.

    Three illuminati suicide bombers playing socialists visit the "socialist Vatican"
    Sanders comes together with two visitors from the cast of the series "leftists control South America" now turning into "leftists replaced by pro-american governments".
    As served in the Daily Mail article, a newspaper that reads like an illuminati set of tarot cards:

    1. Old "jew" Bernie Sanders, democratic presidential candidate
    Casted in the illuminati joke "Pope becomes a key player in the US election: after attacking Trump he now endorses Sanders".
    Photo's caption replaces "Sanders takes the campaign to the Vatican" by "Vatican draws Sanders away from the campaign":
    Reminder: Sanders has the leading role of having human cattle accept "Hillary Clinton elected president" with yet another impossible result: "66 million votes" while diisliked by 98%".

    2. Bolivia's president Morales, former coca producer
    He appears n the first photo together with Sanders.
    The punch line of his previous meeting with the pope was scripted as milestone for illuminati jokes of the type "offers accepted by a fake pope": the communist crucifix.
    Unmatched by the punch line this time: "an eyebrow raising gift: three books on the health benefits of coca leaf, the raw material of cocaine that is chewed throughout the Andes as a mild stimulant and an antidote to altitude sickness."
    Yet the second photo is not about the punch line this time let alone the milestone joke, which is not even mentioned but rather a diversion; "a handcrafted bust of Bolivia's indigenous leader Tupac Katari".
    Why? See link "Venezuela: Maduro; Mockery of simulated reality: from no money to self-print to must have self-generators".

    3. Ecuador's president Correa.
    He appears in the last photo.

    Apr 16 - Ecuador hit by major earthquake as its president still at the Vatican.
    Same day as this satanic mockery: "leftist pope visits Lesbos together with Greece's leftist prime-minister Tsipras, leaving Ecuador's leftist president at the Vatican".
    Correa retirms to Ecuador before planned.

    * Chapter 2 *
    Talk of "leftist South America" and modified scrpts:

    "First woman president of Brazil, the country with more catholics in the world".- script had to be modified
    Apr 18 - Dilma Roussef impeached" is the same type of "safety valve" as "Sisi replaces Morsi" in Egypt 2013.
    Goal: to appease the protests against one of the main actresses casted in the "first woman ever leading" series.
    Reminder: unlike Dilma, Cristina Kirchner was only the second woman president, one of the reasons why Argentina was one of the the first episodes in the series "Latin american leftists replaced with pro-USA presidents".
    Illuminati Grand Master was forced to release the impeachment act only after also being forced to again postpone the Easter Sunday's BIG BANG.
    This forced change reduces the quality of the script: Dilma no longer president as Hilter's older daughter proclaimed first woman president of the USA.
    Same as the last change in the BIG BANG script: Osama can no longer resurrect on Easter Sunday with Obama as president, unless:
    - "Obama declares martial law" or/and
    - "Obama changes the constitution to give himself a third term".

    * Chapter 3 *
    Talk of Ecuador earthquake, "Holy Father Francis" and consequenes of forced changes to the BIG BANG illuminati script:
    Reminder of Last Prophet's words about the fake pope and the San Francisco's BIG ONE:

    San Francisco will be wiped off the map while illuminazi puppet acts as Santo Padre Francisco
    "Santo Padre Francisco" appears only in End Times. and only in illuminati overtime.
    Angelic google returns "about 584,000 results" results as of today.
    Make no mistake: that was NOT one of the reasons why Jonathan Pryces's final role was named "Pope Francis".
    The BIG ONE will postpone again the BIG BANG, the termination of the Obama Bin(nla)den presidency by resurecting Osama Bin Laden in Jerausalem, crucifed to the missing Boeing 777.
    An act that was postponed for the fifth consecutive Easter Sunday in 2016, and consequently can only be staged on Easter Sunday if Obama's presidency is extended.

    Santo Padre Francisco - 584,000 as of Apr 18, 2016

    15 April 2016 - Daily Mail: From Moral Economy to Morales and Correa
    Sanders expands on campaign message at Vatican
    Sanders, sitting in the back of the car, is welcomed by supporters upon his arrival at the Vatican
    The Vatican conference drawing Bernie away from the campaign for New York delegates is steeped in his lifelong passions of economic and social justice and reflects his admiration for Pope Francis.
    Sanders' received a warm round of applause after his speech on the "Urgency of a Moral Economy."
    In addition to Morales, participants at the conference included academics, priests, bishops, as well as Francis' closest adviser, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga and the Ecuadoran president, Rafael Correa.
    Photos presenting the three guest stars, from first to last:
    - Sanders speaks with Bolivia president Evo Morales during a conference commemorating the 25th anniversary of "Centesimus Annus," a high-level teaching document by Pope John Paul II on the economy and social justice at the end of the Cold War,
    - Sanders, sitting in the back of the car, is welcomed by supporters upon his arrival at the Vatican to attend a conference,
    - Ecuador's President Rafael Correa attends a conference organized by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

    ALL explained worldwide only by Last Prophet:
    Auschwitz before Lesbos and Homos: A milestone for truth in plain sight about an ongoing genocide set together with the Lesbos act

    Quantitative and qualitative limits to human cattle not able to compute 1+1 sums.
    Illustrated by how a "news" article reports this;
    Apr 2016 - Bombs by a suicide bomber about to fully detonate at the end of the socialist show and beyond:
    Venezuela: Maduro; Mockery of simulated reality: from no money to self-print to must have self-generators

    "Osama resurrects in Jerusalem" - why missing Boeing 777 script postponed, modified
    Show to end all shows: Introduction: First act was scripted for one year before the last!!
    Explanation reads like a chronicle of how illuminati overtime was extended after the original end date, Easter Sunday 2012.
    Published days after Easter Sunday 2015
    After 1,000 articles in 100 blogs, this was the first and so far only one to include an exclamation mark.
    Explanation for Easter Sunday 2016 added together with the second one.

    Last edited by TruthIsNeverTooHorrible; 04-19-2016 at 12:03 PM.

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    Re: Ecuador earthquake: Correa at Vatican, SANto padre FRANCISCO in Lesbos: visits to and by fake Holy Father

    Thanks for the information

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