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    XO Club Tbilisi is SCAM ! X.O Club is cheater

    Hi Guys,

    I was crossing in Shardeni Street at Tbilisi, some one give me this flyer(attached to the post) and invite me to this stripe club. he told me you just pay 20 GEL and stay in the club with one shot vodka free. I went to this club and order two cocktail (each cocktail was 30 GEL). club was so small and just one girl did strip. It was very bad atmosphere. an Ukrainian girl came and sited beside me. the bar man came and asked one shot champagne for the girl and I accepted. suddenly, I saw an opened champagne bottle on the table ! I told him why you open a bottle and he told you asked ! after 5 minutes he give me 642 GEL bill and told me if you don't drink anymore, go .

    Please Don't go to this bullshit strip club. They are SCAMMER.

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    Re: XO Club Tbilisi is SCAM ! X.O Club is cheater

    You're still lucky compared to what I've experience! I was billed 2800Gel then was robbed at the same time.


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    Re: XO Club Tbilisi is SCAM ! X.O Club is cheater

    Damn, I am planning to go there with my family next month, but it seems like there are quite many scams there.

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