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    Questions and a quick hello

    Good day, hope all are doing well. I've been a long time reader of scam.com, and have garnered a lot of insight from you guys. I'd just like to say I read this on a daily basis, and it's become indispensable. But the question remains- what works and what doesn't? Here's an example: I am about to join Fruta Vida, and am highly motivated for two reasons:

    1) Can't find anything bad about this company and
    2) Their compensation plan seems very good.

    I have a friend who is currently an Herbalife distributor and according to her is making "Great Money" with 25 agents under her. But then again, this is the same girl who is trying to get me to join Primerica (Not that I want to, just saying). So, could anyone provide insight into Fruta Vida before I commit time and money into this? To give you a bit about me, I'm 27 years old and want to achieve a side income to complement what I'm currently making. I have a full time job and am taking on a second one as a Mortgage consultant (Almost like a broker, but not licensed, serve as the middle man between the broker and client and help them pick out what is best for them). In other words, I'm trying to hustle my way to a better tomorrow. Any help from any of you guys regarding Fruta Vida, and, most importantly, legit opportunities out there would be EXTREMELY welcomed.

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    Re: Questions and a quick hello

    30 ounces of juice at a sale price of $39.00 per bottle? And that is your price?

    I'd call that overpriced fruit juice, just like noni juice and mangosteen juice.

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    Re: Questions and a quick hello

    Hi ForeverLooking,

    My name is Paula and I have been with Fruta Vida for about 2 months...and the comment about it 'just being a juice', I find that (because I'm taking it) completely ridiculous.

    PM me and I can send you links completely Independent from FV and you will see that this is not just a juice. I have never had a juice that has helped me go from size 14 jeans to size 10 in two months!! Or given me the energy to chase my two little one's all day long!

    The compensation is wonderful and I have always gotten paid on time. The best week I have had with FV is 3 enrollments in 5 days of advertising. Once you get into the groove and you have your success stories and your personal story, you can get people to try FV for the 30 days...If they don't like it they get their money back!

    PM me...or email me at [email protected]
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    Re: Questions and a quick hello

    testing 12345

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