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    Re: ponzi nemesis caught in another lie!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stardust
    Are you kidding me? The one thing I knew about ponzis is that they have this silly habit of booking conventions (especially in the southern United States) to boost confidence among members to get them to invest more, thus prolonging the life of the ponzi. Do you think a hotel pries about what the program is about that is hosting the convention? No, they're getting tons of business, and it isn't their job to be cops anyway.

    Holding a convention does NOT make them legitimate or good in any way.

    I think you have confused 12DP with scam PTR conventions.

    I bet you turned up for that last one! You are a walking scammers dream. It's amazing how many penny clickers have been taken in by the same propaganda you have. It must have something to do with clicking for hours for a few cents.....HYPNOTIC!

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    Re: ponzi nemesis caught in another lie!!!

    Again, I would like to see some proof of 12Daily's demise.

    I have yet to have a late cashout.
    I have yet to not get paid in full.
    I have yet to get my questions answered from the staff in anytime over 12 hours.
    I have yet to hear anything bad from many other sites and/or from any other users, excluding the obvious anti-12DP's here.
    I have yet to see the site be down for more then 1-2 days. All the times result of a DDoS or them implementing security.

    You say only the first members will make it out and get paid and profit? I joined it 2 months ago and am profiting! Sure the original members are too, but in reality, EVERYBODY is profiting from it. Do some people have a lot of money in it? Yes. Enough to where if they lose it, it could be detrimental? Yes. Then shame on them, that goes against rule #1, "Don't invest more then you can afford to lose". I can afford to lose that $6000 that I put into it, mostly because I have been paid enough to make up for it.

    I would probably take your comments more seriously if you didn't try to impersonate other people, and provided logical explanations for why this will fall. You show a site on what a ponzi is and why 12DP is one also. Yet, it was made on one of those free servers, ADVERTISING ponzi sites. Kinda hard to take you seriously, ya think? What, got burned by 12DP and now you can't surf there so you only use these ****ty 1%/2% daily programs?

    Show me proof.

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    Re: ponzi nemesis caught in another lie!!!

    testing 123

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