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    BlueHippo and other computer scams

    I saw this on late night television and wondered about it so I went to my trusty friend, "Jeeves", to find out how legitimate they are. The news was not good, and got worse...

    First, the new desktop computer is about the most stripped down model you can possibly find anywhere. $99 down and $40/week for an entire year gets you...

    256 Megs of RAM
    Intel 2.66 Gigahertz processor
    80 Gig hard drive
    17 color monitor
    CD Rom drive
    Microsoft Windows XP
    Multimedia speakers
    And a keyboard and a mouse!

    Of course the fine print in thier terms say you have to make those payments for 3 months before they will send you a computer. Then you have to pay $130 shipping. If you miss even one payment, you have to make payments for a total of 8 months. They also say that BlueHippo can DQ you for failing to make more than one payment, and you cannot receive any of your money back. I just noticed a link to the complete TOS have been removed from the home page, and the 3 month clause is now there. In the end, you pay over $2200 for a computer you could have bought from Gateway for under $500.
    There are complaints on the internet that people have never received a computer from BlueHippo and had thier credit ruined.

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    Re: BlueHippo and other computer scams

    I look at it this way.

    It takes about 3 seconds of watching their ads to know it's a ripoff. If anyone is dumb enough to sign up with them, they deserve to be scammed.

    Same with these 'rent-to-own' stores. A $400 TV can cost you well over $1,000 at those places.

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    Re: BlueHippo and other computer scams

    People go into this with their eyes wide open. They know the agreement when they signed up. So really they are ripping them selves off... bluehippo is just making a living.

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    Re: BlueHippo and other computer scams

    testing 123

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