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    Re: madam rita mosley needes help to give away money

    oh child where have you been, these fake stories have been running wild on the internet for years. read that story again, does it sound like a mentally ill person wrote it? i read what you wrote, wealthy husband why would a total strange( stranger) be telling anyone they can contact about this stupid story. You need a drink of some TEQUILA then you read that stupid assisine story again and say TEQUILA! it is fake and phony and i must of been so stupid to see, if it sound too good to be true then it is a LIE. In this day and age, it is so sad to see you have been CONNED by such a ridiculous story. They change their names but the story is always the same, money this person died blah crap... now drink a shot of TEQUILA that will WAKE YOU UP....WAKE UP ALREADY they will hound you with other names and other stories. if you respond and tell them to stick their head in the sewage pipe they will have figured the code and got your password so change it for your safety. Tequila!

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    Re: madam rita mosley needes help to give away money

    Hi. yeah she got me too! actually right from the beginning I knew something was going on....I replied, as expected, and now we are playing email tag. She doesn't know that I have done a "google search" on her and read the write up in the london borough of croydon bit on her. It puts some fun in emailing..

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    Re: madam rita mosley needes help to give away money

    I love playing with these -------

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    Re: madam rita mosley needes help to give away money

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffbaron
    I love playing with these -------
    You love be mentaly challenged?

    Stay on topic!

    Scam pure and simple.

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    Re: madam rita mosley needes help to give away money

    I just received my first one from Madam Rita Mosley, I have also received others. The most recent one before this was family in Australia that could not mention anything to their family either. This are complete scams and I have been reporting all of them as spam. Stay very far away!!!!! :mad:

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    Re: madam rita mosley needes help to give away money

    Quote Originally Posted by loisegross
    madam rita mosley said she lives in england and she is dying , her wealthy husband is dead, she has no children and wants me to reply but not by phone, i have not address so i assume by e-mail and she will reply to me and give me the contact to uk bank. she will also issue me a letter of authority that will empwer me as the orginal beneficiaryof 20,000,000 which is trusting to needy, she said she does not want her husband side of the family to know because it would be miss used . i smell a rat. anybody else get this this e-mail?/ :confused:

    I also received this letter and her name also appears in another email scam and here is the copy of that scam

    Microsoft Corporation
    #1 Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA 98052.

    Ref: BTD/931/07
    Batch: 501729M
    Email:[email protected]

    ATTN:Saryu Thapar,

    Thank you for the email correspondence sent to me and aslo for calling to notify me.I have called the director general of the British Inland Revenue Mrs Rita Mosley following the notification by Mr Jonathan and as i spoke with her i was made to know that due to security reasons,strict scrutiny was imposed on all international deliveries and as the case of your parcel which was on course to your location{India},they have to confirm that you,the rightful winner and owner of the cheque must claim beneficiary of the cheque and obtain a certificate that will help facilitate the release of your cheque to Mr Jonathan for onward delivery to India.The certificate will serve as pass for Mr Jonathan,the despatch manager of the courier company through the customs.So i will advice that you make immediate contact with the British Inland Revenue so you will be informed on any requirements for the release of your winning.
    Do so now and let me know what was reached and how we can resolve the situation,i will be available to assist you with whatever is demanded,for proof of ownership although i have clarified her that you are one of our winners.
    I will be waiting for your response.

    Mr.Phillip Hall
    TEL#:+44 701 113 5855
    Microsoft Promotion Award Team
    Head Winning Claims Dept..

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    Re: madam rita mosley needes help to give away money

    big f*cking deal

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    Thorgrimm Guest

    Help Please!!!

    I'm a Nigerian in captive in Kenya and I have 40 billion in a swiss bank but my Master said that he will not release me until someone sends him $500 USD...If you will please help me I will give you 1 million in return...PM me for the Masters Address and I promise you will receive your million dollars ASAP...Maximum two weeks...God Bless You!!!:sunglasses:

    Captive in Kenya,:cry:

    Kinyahaha the Goat Herder

  9. 01-08-2008, 11:47 PM

  10. 01-08-2008, 11:54 PM

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    Re: Help Please!!!

    Gosh! I really feel sorry for you so I'm going to send you the $500 US dollars your master wants! But first you'll have to post your email address and your masters bank name and account No. so I'll be sure to send the money to the right place. I'll also need your social security no. and your mother's maiden name, ... for verification purposes only.


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    Re: Help Please!!!

    I'm kinda busy, so here is my account and take the 500 you need. oh, my account can only be accesed by base 2 math, so here is my account in Binary.

    10101100110101110100110100110110111000110101110010 10101011001010101110101010101101010111101010001001 01111010111111101010101100100000101011111010100010 10110111000101010111111101111101010101010101110001 00001110010010110010

    have a nice day.
    Last edited by Rally_Racer; 01-09-2008 at 12:12 AM. Reason: more sarcasm

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    Re: Another Nigerian Charity Scam!!

    testing 123

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    Re: Another Nigerian Charity Scam!!

    When my mom knows what a Nigerian scam, you know its a household name. God bless her, she cuts out articles about scams and gets excited handing me the latest and greatest scams.

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    Re: Another Nigerian Charity Scam!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Maybee View Post
    testing 123
    To find online job Scams visit this blog


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    Re: Another Nigerian Charity Scam!!

    There was this time I stopped at 7-11 with my son on a roadtrip to grab sodas and use the restroom, this disgusting toothless crackhead out front tried to hit on me in the drunkest, stupidest way possible. My then maybe 9 year old son couldn't stop laughing (he kept going "mooooommm that drunk guy thinks you're pretty!!") and when we got back in the car, I took it as a teaching moment. I explained to him that the crackhead guy sits out there all day and says the same thing to maybe 1000 women, and maybe every once in awhile just ONE of them falls for it, so that's why he does it, same as Nigerian scammers who email millions of people hoping just one will fall for their obvious scams.

    My son paused as he processed this and said "wouldn't it be easier to find someone he loves and not sit out there all day trying to find a girlfriend?"

    Well yes, yes it would. I couldn't find a way to explain to him that dudes like that have no interest in love, they just want to skeeze on women and maybe get lucky every once in awhile.

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