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    WATCH OUT 4 => www.cybercoders.com

    WATCH OUT :mad:

    Hi Janeqtdoe,

    We noticed your background in our searches and thought that you or someone you know would be interested in the position below.

    For more details about this position and/or to apply directly on-line, please click the link below:


    Not a fit for this position? Please click the link below and search all of our open positions nationwide:


    The job description:

    Exceptional Customer Service, Shipping / Receiving, Rental, Equipment position available!

    We are seeking a rental / inventory coordinator to perform customer service, administrative, and inventory duties related to the rental of construction and industrial equipment.

    What you will be doing:

    ~Responsible for reporting all new equipment received by the branch by filling out necessary paperwork and forwarding it to the Corporate Equipment Coordinator.

    ~The Rental Coordinator is in charge of incoming phone inquiries and obtaining all the pertinent information for the rental.

    ~Follow up throughout the preliminary filing process to make sure it gets completed.

    ~Update or secure current insurance certificates for all rentals prior to allowing the machine to leave the yard.

    ~When time permits, and under the direction of the territory representative, the coordinator may call existing customers to solicit rental business or introduce special programs.

    ~Coordinator needs to photograph and file the photos for all machines and equipment after the check out and prior to the rental.

    ~The rental coordinator is responsible for staying in sync with the sales representatives and ensuring that all rental contracts are signed, unless otherwise approved by management.

    ~Coordinator should photograph and keep photos of machine after being returned and prior to the clean up.

    ~Responsible for providing the service manager with all necessary billing information, photos, and contract information. The territory representative should be notified of any damage to the machine upon its return.

    ~Responsible for performing all of the physical check out duties, which include the following:

    Completion of Rental Inspection Form
    Check fluids
    Check for last service
    Attach/ gather any necessary attachments that can be attached without the help of the Service Department.
    Notify Service Dept of any work required.
    Detail the unit
    Take pictures

    ~The coordinator is also responsible for performing all of the physical check in duties, which include the following:

    Completion of Rental Inspection Form
    Check Fluids
    Check for last service
    Take pictures
    Notify Service Dept of any repairs
    Separate the repairs by responsible party (Company / Customer)
    List of parts for known problems
    Clean unit

    ~Perform daily walk of branch yard, mainly to note any discrepancies in existing inventory and to check any new arrivals.

    ~Report discrepancies and ensure the computer system corresponds with the physical inventory.

    ~Update a branch inventory list on a weekly basis

    ~Check all attachments to ensure that they have pins, teeth, and proper measurement as noted in system.

    ~Note which machines have auxiliary hydraulics to operate breakers, thumbs, 4-1 buckets, etc.

    ~Coordinator controls all movement of machines.

    ~Coordinator arranges hauling or, if customer prefers, allows customer to arrange their own hauling.

    ~Transfers of stock equipment for rental or sale in and out of location are handled and signed off on by the coordinator.

    What you will need for this position:

    Three to five years experience in related field.

    Experience in a shipping/receiving role is a plus.

    The ideal candidate will have excellent communication and customer service skills coupled with an attention to detail.

    Must be computer literate.

    Qualified candidates will have strong attention to detail, ability to multi task, willingness to learn, and good team skills.

    Not quite a fit? Click the link below and search our other open positions. If you know someone that would be a great fit for this position, simply forward this email to them and refer them to us. If they get any job with CyberCoders through your referral, you will receive a one thousand dollar referral fee after their 90th day.

    Interested? Please simply click the link below and upload an updated resume.


    Thank you,

    Valerie Bennett - Senior Recruiter - CyberCoders - [email protected] - 949.885.5145

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    Re: WATCH OUT 4 => www.cybercoders.com

    What is the problem with this for you? Yes, I have replied to these guys about another job and No I never heard back but that's not unusual. Do you know something I don't know?

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    Re: WATCH OUT 4 => www.cybercoders.com

    I don't know whether this is a scam or not. It looks like a temp agency. The english usage in it is fairly good. They do have their own domain name. I haven't actually researched it any farther than that. Temp agencies do have to be registered. You could start by checking on registrations to see if the are genuine or not.

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    Re:www.cybercoders.com is OKAY! :)


    I actually work at CyberCoders.com -- and have worked there for just about 6 years. :)

    We are primarily a permanent placement recruiting firm (meaning mostly full-time/direct-hire jobs) -- and have over 1,000 positions open currently on our website:


    These are legitimate open positions which we are recruiting for on behalf of our clients nationwide. The email above is from one of our recruiters who is trying to find candidates for one of our open roles. We never require any type of donation, purchase, or money of any kind from our candidates. The employers pay all of our fees.

    Since we receive an average of over 200 candidates per position, we cannot reply to everyone personally. However, we do try and contact everyone who is a fit, and send everyone else an automated reply thanking them for applying!

    Hope that helps! All the best in your job searches,
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