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Thread: Roboriches.com

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    Does anyone know about Roboriches? Is it Legit? and do you need to invest and how much?

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    Re: Roboriches.com gas-scam


    Don't bother, just read the hype, especially the turn $900. into a million overnight. LOL Yes, that is true, but when you find out the truth, you can turn $900.00 US into $1,000,000.00 Iraqi Dinar, then you can understand that you are reading nothing but BS.

    Yes, investing in Iraqi dinar can be very rewarding, but why pay $97.00 for what you can learn for free. Just do a search for Iraqi-Investments.com and learn how to become a millionaire for free. (g)


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    Re: Roboriches.com

    testing 12345

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