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    Don't waste your money.

    I already did it for you!


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    Trinity Blue Inc.

    I oould not find any other threads on this topic, so I was just curious if anyone else is familiar with this company/opportunity. I happen to see this ad in Home Based Business Magazine.

    I know what the obvious response will be (too good to be true, scam, nothing for free, etc), just looking for anyone that might be involved now.



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    Re: Trinity Blue Inc.


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    Re: Trinity Blue Inc.

    Let me show you what you're up against. That way, you won't waste any more time or money on this.

    The names they gave you are all fake. Skip traces are worthless.

    The person who picks up the money is called a runner. They pick a person who has absolutely no connection to the con. That way, if anyone grabs the fool up, he can't lead them back to the main players. The pickup guy has almost nothing. No names. No descriptions. Maybe he gets a cell number to call once he has the money.

    The phone numbers are all prepaid cells. No names or accounts needed. You can buy them at Wal-mart.

    The emails are spoofed. Faked. Untraceable. Or public wifi.

    There are hundreds of western union locations available for the fraud to pick up the money. How can you stake out each and every one of them?

    The ID used at western union is fake too. All it has to do is fool a clerk.

    Good luck tracing the web site. That's another dead end.

    But there is a way. You make the frauds come to you.

    Once you understand the principals of deception you can con just about anybody. Even con men have needs and desires. What are they? Money? Drugs? Vanity? Self esteem? *****? The list goes on and on.

    If I wanted to catch somebody like this, I'd sit down and come up with a long con. An intricate con. The kind that you never see anymore, because nobody is willing or able to sit down and think them up.

    There is a way to draw these people out in the open.

    It's just like a snapping turtle, really. Once it pulls into the shell, it's immune from attack. But, once you give it something to grab onto, it'll bite down and hold on. Then, you simply chop its head off.

    Frauds work the exact same way. Give them a reason to come out.

    It's not easy. An obvious bribe like money will never work. They're much too suspicious for that. Instead, you want to provide details of your life. Show that you have something they want or need. And, make it look like you're a dumb ass who can be conned out of it.

    You need to assess the situation and find their vulnerabilities first. There's a movie called House of Games (1987). Joe Mantegna. It will give you a better idea of what I'm talking about here.

    The frauds used a little bit of that in this advance fee con. Let's face it, almost everyone who applies for one of these loans has no intention of actually repaying the money. There might actually be one complete jackass who would consider sending in the payments. But the rest are planning to stiff the loan company. That's why this con works so well. People think that they'll send in $2100 and get $15,000 in return. They are so busy thinking about how they plan to cheat the lenders that they never see that the lenders are con artists themselves.

    Remember this. In the best scams, the victim actually cons himself out of the money. All you do is set the stage for him to act it out on. Human nature will take over and do the rest for you.

    Actually frauds are some of the easiest people to con. They feel so superior to others. They let their guard down. Or rather, they never bother to put their guard up the first place. Suckers waiting to be picked.

    That's how you get these people. You lure them out into the open. Then, you do the same as with the turtle.

    Paul - Anaheim, California
    Rebuttal Consumer Suggestion
    Submitted: 10/15/2005 9:15:16 PM Modified: 10/15/2005 9:15:16 PM


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    Re: Trinity Blue Inc.

    Hey Paul:
    Thanks for the response! I figured something did not smell right.

    Take care,

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    Trinity Blue Corporation

    Has anyone done any business with this company? (Trinity Blue Corporation) Here is there website. www.trinityblueinc.com


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    Re: Trinity Blue Corporation

    What would you be willing to bet the address on the web site is a mail-drop? $30?

    Let's see, a corporation set up in Kansas by a guy with both Kansas and Spanish Fork, Utah (a suburb of Provo), addresses and a Utah web site provider, who doesn't provide anything but an email AFTER you spend $30 to find the secret to being wealthy.

    Now that's a really sound investment.

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    Re: TrinityBlueInc.com


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    Re: Trinity Blue Inc.

    testing 12345

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